I’ve received three new books for the blog tours in the new year and the first is this lovely one from Harper360!  I always love books set during World War Two.  I’m not sure why I love this area of historical fiction so much, but whenever there’s a book set in that time and based on or inspired by real events I just desperately want to read it! 😀  I actually have three books set in WW2 that I’m interested in reading this year, but for now let’s concentrate on this lovely proof which came through my door recently and which was printed in America, so it’s come all the way from the US before then being posted from the UK to me here…

December Book Haul Harper360 close up of book
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The Postmistress of Paris – A Novel by Meg Waite ClaytonWealthy, beautiful Nanée was born with a spirit of adventure.  For her, learning to fly is freedom.  When German tanks roll across the border and into Paris, this woman with an adorable dog and a generous heart joins the Resistance.  Known as the Postmistress because she delivers information to those in hiding, Nanée uses her charms and skill to house the hunted and deliver them to safety.
Photographer Edouard Moss has escaped Germany with his young daughter only to be interned in a French labor camp.  His life collides with Nanée’s in this sweeping tale of romance and danger set in a world aflame with personal and political passion.
Inspired by the real-life Chicago heiress Mary Jayne Gold, who worked with American journalist Varian Fry to smuggle artists and intellectuals out of France. The Postmistress of Paris is the haunting story of an indomitable woman whose strength, bravery and love is a beacon of hope in a time of terror.


Aparantly it was so urgent to get this proof into the hands of readers that they forgot to slice off the edges after glueing it together, lol. 😂  Here’s what it looks like when I hold it up…

December Book Haul Harper360 close up of book sideways
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Doesn’t this book just sound so interesting and amazing already? 🙂  I definitely can’t wait to read it and be a part of the blog tour for this which starts on the 6th of January, though my stop isn’t until the 13th.  I hope you’ll want to join me then and find out more about this book.

Do you like the sound of this book?  Do you like historical fiction set in WW2 or any other era?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂