I received the most magical book post on Christmas Eve from the lovely people at publisher Barrington Stoke.  It was truly magical because unlike other books from them in the past, this parcel I wasn’t expecting to get, and inside there was a magical gift wrapped book too! 🙂  What made it the perfect Christmas gift was receiving it on Christmas Eve.  I think it had been sent a week and a half earlier which means it got delayed in the post a bit, but imagine how excited i was to find this parcel outside of my door on Christmas Eve and adding this gift to the others under my tree to open the next day! 🙂

Now, there were two books in this parcel, let’s start with the first which wasn’t gift wrapped…

Christmas book haul Barrington Stoke unwrapped book
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The Mermaid in the Millpond by Lucy Strange & Pam Smy – Bess has left the London workhouse behind for a job at a rural cotton mill.  But life at the mill is hard and cruel – a far cry from the fresh start Bess hooped for.  The only way to survive is to escape, but the mill is like a prison with no way out.
Meanwhile rumours are spreading about a vicious creature that lurks in the millpond.  Bess is sure it’s all nonsense, until one night she sees something stir in the murky water…


Those of you with good memories might remember I showed you a proof copy I got of this book some time ago, but this is now a finished copy, complete with dyslexia-friendly paper, and illustrations added so I’m keen to read over this version and will have a review for you soon as this comes out on the 6th January.

The next book came gift wrapped in a beautiful light blue tissue paper, wrapped with a thin purple ribbon and a thicker peacock feather ribbon.  This looks so beautiful, I couldn’t stop looking at it, it’s so gorgeous!…

Christmas book haul Barrington Stoke wrapped book
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It looked so beautiful with that peacock feather ribbon that part of me didn’t want to open it, lol.  If any of you don’t know, my favourite bird is a peacock, so anything with peacock designs has me gushing. 🙂 😍  Anyway, I couldn’t not open it and inside the book that came was one I’m so excited for as I’ve had my eye on this book for a while (I saw it listed on NetGalley, though it’s now archived) and I am so overjoyed that I get to read a physical copy of this…

Christmas book haul Barrington Stoke wrapped book unwrapped
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Pride and Prejudice: A Retelling by Laura Wood – Witty, intelligent Elizabeth Bennet has no desire for a marriage of convenience.
And when she meets the handsome, wealthy Mr Darcy, her opinion of him is quickly set.  He is aloof, selfish and proud – the last man in the world she would ever marry.  Until their paths cross again, and again, and the pair begin to realise that first impressions can be flawed.
But as Elizabeth and Darcy become entangled in a dance through the strict hierarchies of society, will there be space for true love to bloom?


Those of you who have read some of my previous posts know how much I adore Pride and Prejudice, but I’ve only so far ever watched it, and I was excited about being approved for this book on NetGalley (even though I don’t like reading digitally if I can help it, but it was only available digitally).  However, now to have the physical copy, complete with those beautiful peacock feathers on the cover…I am so excited! 😀  In fact I’m starting on reading this book right now (the same day I’m typing this post up) and will have a review for you soon as this also comes out on the 6th January!

What books did you get for Christmas?  Are there any books you’re excited about reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂