This post is sooo late and I apologise for how long it’s taken me to get this post together, but here it is, I’ve finally put together all of the pictures I did during Inktober this year and I wanted to share them with you here as I always share my creations on Instagram, but you guys on the blog have yet to see them. This year started off well but then towwards the end of Inktober I struggled to keep up with drawing as I had to spend most of October reading the 726 page book A Clockwork River for a blog tour.  Unfortunately this meant that I only had drawn in total thirteen pictures, which is exactly the same number as last year, but at least I’m doing no worse and hopefully next year I’ll be able to improve on this target.

This year’s pictures are a mixture of two styles though.  One style is my original quick sketches of anything in ink, these sketches are fun but are usually relatively easy to do and quite simple.  The other half of my sketches are really detailed involving geometric shapes on top of larger outlined shapes which basically makes some of my pictures look a bit like ones you’d find in some adult colouring books (or at least I hope/wish they do).  These pictures took much longer to complete but I hope you’ll enjoy both types as I really have tried my best to produce as many good images as I could.  And apart from the odd outline in pencil for a few of the drawings, most of them are done freehand straight away using an ink pen (so no room to fix any errors!).

The simple doodles

Let’s start with the simpler designs I did and these are all in a random order.  Please forgive any lighting issues with any of the photos here.  These were taken at different times of the day with different quality lighting on each day…

To start with day one’s prompt was ‘crystal’.  I hope I captured the crystal in a cave well:

Inktober crystal
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 1 prompt ‘crystal’

This was one of the simplest pictures I’ve ever done but I think it’s a good one despite how simple it is:

Inktober pickaxe
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 10 ‘pick’

I had a nightmare of a dripping tap that became a gushing tap in my kitchen quite a few weeks ago so when the prompt ‘leak’ came around it’s all I could think of drawing:

Inktober tap
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 23 prompt ‘leak’

When the prompt asks for a ‘loop’ why am I thinking of something as disturbing as a hangman’s noose? 😮 :

Inktober noose
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 19 ‘loop’

To this picture I added a few red lines to give the sparkler some extra sparks!:

Inktober sparkler
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 27 ‘spark’

Getting more detailed

The folowing pictures get more detailed although these two aren’t in that ‘colouring book’ style that I was talking about.  Instead I just took a lot of time drawing them and they both feature felines! 🙂

The first is for the prompt ‘stuck’ and shows a cat stuck in a tree, I loved putting the grumpy expression on the cat’s face and also, yes, every single tree leaf was drawn seperately:

Inktober cat in tree
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 12 ‘stuck’

I have been drawing this same cat, with or without its body ever since I was 12 and once drew this cat (with its body) when I was bored in a geography lesson.  Ever since that fateful day (when my friend actually asked me for a copy of the pic, she thought it was that good) I’ve tried to perfect it.  I’m not sure I’m any better today than I was back then but I tried.  And yes it’s entirely done in ink with no pre-pencil sketching, hence his slightly uneven appearance:

Inktober cat face
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 21 ‘fuzzy’

Even more complex

Now with these last few drawings I really tried to embrace being a colouring book artist and tried to make images with lots of shapes within them (like you get with Millie Marotta style books) but I’m not sure if it works with all pictures and I went a bit geometric crazy with the first image of a shipping container on the sea…

Inktober ship
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 3 ‘vessel’

Who doesn’t love a pretzel and it’s the only thing that came to mind when I read the prompt work ‘knot’.  I added some hearts to this pretzel to make it extra lovely, and also this was my first real attempt at going for that detailed colouring book look:

Inktober pretzel
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 4 ‘knot’

When the prompt is ‘suit’ it was either a pack of cards or a penguin, I’m terrible at drawing people so an actual clothes suit was out of the question, and I love all animals, so it was easy to choose a penguin with a dashing bow tie! 😀 :

Inktober penguin
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 2 ‘suit’

This is an attempt at realism, is it any good? :

Inktober lemon
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 11 ‘sour’

I thought of Millie Marotta books when I drew this.  I haven’t coloured this one in yet but I feel like I really should, lol:

Inktober mushrooms
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 20 ‘sprout’

And the final drawing I did for the prompt ‘slither’, what else could it be but a snake.  I hope I captured a good expression on the snakes face:

Inktober snake
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober day 30 ‘slither’


So there we have it.  Thirteen new images which I hope you liked looking at.  Please do let me know what you think of my creations, both the simple ones and the more complex.  I really hope you like the more complex images, especially as they take so much more time to do and I hope they do look good, well, at least some of them, lol.  I’ll be taking part in Inktober next year and will try to do some of the weekly prompts throughout the next year too.  I am already sketching more drawings than I used to, and sharing some of these pics on my Instagram page.  So hopefully there will be some more arty posts here on the blog in future too.  Let me know if you took part in Inktober and if so what did you draw?

What do you think of these drawings?  Did you take part in Inktober this year?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂