Title: Call the Midwife A Labour of Love: Ten Years of Life, Love and Laughter the Official Behind-the-Scenes Guide
Author: Stephen McGann
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson (W&N)
Genre: Non-fiction, TV biography
Book format: Hardback
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Description:  A beautiful anniversary book marking ten years of the award-winning TV series Call the Midwife, featuring personal reflections, anecdotes and insights from the cast, creator and crew, as well as lots of behind-the-scenes photos.
Written by actor and author Stephen McGann, a much-loved founding member of the cast, this is the up-close and personal story of Call the Midwife as told by the cast and crew who have made the show into the iconic drama it is today.  war, moving and funny, and featuring new stories from Jenny Agutter, Miranda Hart, Helen Geroge, Miriam Margoyles, Laura Main, Linda Bassett, Leonie Elliott, Charlotte Ritchie, Jessica Raine, Judy Parfitt, Cliff Parisi, Emerald Fennell, Pam Ferris and many more voices, it brings to life the journey of Call the Midwife over the last decade.

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Review:  This is such a lovely book and perfect for any fan of Call the Midwife.  It is a beautiful big hardback book filled with glossy pages of text, some illustrations and lots of lovely photos, though I do warn you because of the glossy pages it is rather heavy!  There is a lovely introduction by author Stephen McGann who appears on the show as Dr Turner and then the rest of the book is separated into small sections where we learn all about how the show is made, some of the most important and memorable moments and a lot interesting extra things explained by the show’s cast.

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I have loved watching Call the Midwife ever since it first aired and have followed the ups and downs of the many families and people that make an appearance on the show.  The world of the midwifes and nuns at Nonnatus house have kept me and so many other people so engaged and entertained for a decade now, and this book is the perfect accompaniment to the show.  The book talks about how the idea to create the show came about and how it was eventually filmed.  There is a brief explanation of each of the series throughout the book along with different cast and crew members giving their insights into what is was like to film certain roles, the research that was done to create the storylines and the introductions and departures of some characters.  The book is filled with so many lovely photographs taken on set and almost every page is filled with some pictures along with so many double pages of photos both in front of the cameras and behind.

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From the start of the book what I found so wonderful about reading this is that each section is quite short and so you can read the book in quick bursts rather than having long chapters of text.  The way the book is written is so interesting, I found myself so immersed and engrossed in reading about the show that I found myself losing hours in my day as I just devoured the whole book in almost one day!

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There are so many interesting things that I learned from this book.  It was wonderful to find out more about the cast and how they felt in their roles as well as insights into their own personalities.  There was also a lot about how they go about filming certain things and I found myself so moved by the part of the book about the thalidomide story, the detail that went into creating that on-screen was amazing.  There are lots of interesting and funny moments too, I loved reading about how much fun the cast get up to sometimes and how difficult and different the filming was in the last year due to the pandemic.  There are so many interesting things to read and it feels so wonderful to have had a behind-the-scenes look at how the show is made and how many people are involved in making this such a great show and series.

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Overall this is such a wonderful book, it really is a book that anyone who has watched the show and is a fan of Call the Midwife will simply love!  It is the perfect book to read at any time, the writing is so interesting and the way the book looks is so special with so many wonderful photos and images to look at too.  I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this book, it is a wonderful read and one which I will treasure and look back at again and again!

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What do you think of this book?  Do you like to watch Call the Midwife?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂