Last week I finally received a book which I’ve struggled to get hold of for a blog tour that’s starting tomorrow!  I was excited about reading the sequel to a book I loved in 2020 called A Time for Swords, and requested a copy from the publisher Aries (Head of Zeus) several weeks ago.  Some people received the hardbacks nearly two weeks ago but my copy seemed to have been lost on the post! 😮   Below is a bit of an explanation of what happened but if you’re not interested just scroll down to see the book and blog tour schedule. 🙂

I contacted the publisher and they were happy to send another copy, though I felt bad about it not getting here (it’s a big and expensive book!).  But this copy also didn’t really arrive because for some reason the delivery driver sending to my address either didn’t knock on my door the first time, or knocked so queitly that I never heard it! 😮  What’s more the calling card they left wasn’t put through my door but left somewhere outside and must have been swept away with the wind during that second bout of storms we’ve had in the UK recently.  I finally found a ‘we tried to deliver your parcel’ card on the third or fourth attempt at delivery.  It was pushed into the door frame outside the door (rather than going through the letter box which is literally right below it!) and nearly disappeared with the wind again when I opened the front door and it fell to the floor.  But thankfully I finally managed a re-delivery I was aware of, as none of the others I knew about until that last time, and kept an eye on the door the whole time and I finally have this book!  Phew 😀

A huge thank you to Andrew from Aries for a free copy of this book and the chance to be a part of the tour.  This book comes out on the 3rd of March and is quite big at nearly 550 pages and I’m now reading it as fast as I can to be able to post for my tour date on the 10th of March.  I hope you will check out my blog on that day, and now let’s take a look at this book which looks amazing…

A Night of Flames close up of book
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A Night of Flames by Matthew HarffyAD 794.  NORTHUMBRIA.
Those who rule the seas rule the land.  None know the truth of this more than the Vikings.  To compete with the seafaring raiders, the King of Northumbria orders the construction of his own longships under the command of the oath sworn Norseman, Runolf.
When the Vikings attack again, the king sends cleric turned warrior, Hunlaf, on a mission to persuade the King of Rogaland into an alliance.  But Hunlaf, and Runolf have other plans, kin to seek out, old scores to settle, and a heretical tome to find the wild lands of the Norse.
Their voyage takes them into the centre of a violent uprising.  A slave has broken free of his captors and with religious fervour, is leading his fanatical followers on a rampage – burning all in his path.  Hunlaf must brave the Norse wilderness, and overcome deadly foes, to stop this madman.  Can he prevent a night of flames and slaughter?


My stop on the blog tour isn’t until next week, but the tour is starting tomorrow so please do check out the tour schedule and the other stops if you like. 🙂  I hope you’ll join me on the 10th to see what I think of this book.  So far, over 100 pages in, I can say I am hooked! 😀

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Do you like historical fiction?  What books are you reading now?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂