Title: Sue & Tai-chan 1
Author: Konami Kanata
Illustrator: Konami Kanata
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Genre: Comic book
Book format: Digital
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Description:  The adorable new odd-couple cat comedy manga from the creator of the beloved Chi’s Sweet Home and Chi’s Sweet Adventures, in full color and formatted for English readers, just like Chi!
Sue is an aging housecat who’s looking forward to living out her life in peace… but her plans change when the mischievous black tomcat Tai-chan enters the picture! Hey! Sue never signed up to be a catsitter! Sue and Tai-chan is the latest from the reigning meow-narch of cute kitty comics, Konami Kanata.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Aw, this is the best comic I have ever read and this one is sooo cute!  Sue is a senior cat, at 17 years old, and wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life and have lots of naps.  But when her owner Natsuki suddenly finds himself with a kitten on his hands, Sue’s life is turned upside down.  This book is filled with lots of short stories of the adventures of Sue and Tai-chan and is the first in a series.

I love cats so anything cat related is always appealing to me and I just love how wonderful this comic is and how funny and clever it is when covering cat behaviour!  When Tai-chan arrives, he’s a ball of energy, wanting to play with Sue and explore everything.  Sue isn’t sure abour the new kitten though and isn’t happy to be disturbed when trying to take a nap.  But over the course of the comic and several mini adventures, there are wonderful moments where you see Sue beginning to like and accept the kitten more and more.

The illustrations are amazing, I love the comic style and the way the cats look.  Their speech bubbles always saw a version of ‘Meow’, but there is some additional text alongside the speech bubble that lets you know what the cats are actually saying to each other.  Most of the comic is visual though and I love how the story is easily shown through just the pictures and scenes of the two cats and their owner.  Each short chapter contains one adventure, for example an adventure about the litter box, cats at midnight and cats trying to open doors.  Each story is a satisfying tale in itself and the whole comic book is so fun to read, seeing how Sue gets more used to the kitten and how they have some heart-warming moments despite the silly stuff Tai-chan gets up to.

The illustration style as I said is amazing, the cats really do look good.  Of course there are funny expressions that the characters have and I love how there are different illustrations of cats in different positions, such as a view from the back of a cat, or Sue in a loaf position.  All of the images are colourful and I just love how good everything looks.  Overall this is one comic I wish I could continue the series of.  I’m definitely going to look into buying more of this series as I really want to find out what happens to Sue and Tai-chan.  The situations and the way the cats respond is just like cats in real life and I just love this comic so much!  It’s definitely one I’d recommend to everyone, especially those who likes cats! 🙂

What do you think of this comic book?  Do you like cats?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂