Today I’m pleased to share with you the second set of books I received from publisher Walker Books.  Yes, it’s the 1st of April and I was going to do an April fools blog post, but given what’s happened in my life recently (you can read about it here) I’m going to be easy on myself and just post this instead and I suppose with this post I’m April fooling you that it’s March when it isn’t any more, lol.

Anyway, today I’m sharing so many wonderful new children’s books that came from Walker Books and a huge thank you to Hannah for all of these.  Now I forgot to take a photo of the books together, except as a stack, so you’ll have a treat of seeing each individual picture of each book and it’s blurb below instead of my usual picture of picture books together, etc.. 🙂  First let’s look at the stack and then the books in turn…

March book haul Walker Books feature image
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I love a book stack, don’t you? 😀  You can clearly see two of the books on offer, but I’ll put down better pics of them all below.  The blurbs are short descriptions from an email from the publisher and not the true blurbs.  The first is a middle grade children’s book and the first of a series…

MArch book haul Walker Books close up of Swift and Hawk
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Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies by Logan Macx – When their families mysteriously disappear, Swift and Hawk, teen experts in AI and robotics, are recruited by the secretive Möbius Programme to crack an unbreakable code.


And now for a teen non-fiction book…

MArch book haul Walker Books close up of app book
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Become an App Inventor by Karen Lang & Selim Tezel – With this engaging guide from MITeen Press, anyone can design and publish their own apps – no experience necessary! – and get inspired by true stories of young app creators around the world.


All the rest of the books are picture books and let’s start with the first which is a gift set of both a board book and toy…

March book haul Walker Books close up of toy and book gift set
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Five Minutes’ Peace: Book and Toy Gift Set by Jill MurphySnuggle up with this gorgeous gift box of the classic story board book Five Minutes’ Peace and an adorable soft toy.


MArch book haul Walker Books close up of It's Mine
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It’s Mine! by Emma YarlettOnce there was a mysterious thing. Nobody knew how it got there, it just was. “It’s mine, all MINE!” say Mouse, Frog, Fox and Bear. But what is it? And who will get to keep it in the end?


MArch book haul Walker Books close up not that pet
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Not That Pet! by Smriti Halls & Rosalind BeardshawHooray! Mabel and her family are getting a pet! There’s no time to lose! But which kind of animal should they choose? Mabel has the perfect idea, but will her family agree?


MArch book haul Walker Books close up of the boy with flowers
©The Strawberry Post

The Boy With Flowers in His Hair by JarvisDavid is the boy with flowers in his hair, sweet and gentle, just like his petals. But when David’s flowers begin to fall, through kindness and creativity his best friend finds a way to give David his colour back…


MArch book haul Walker Books close up windrush
©The Strawberry Post

John Asgard’s Windrush Child by John Asgard & Sophie BassWith one last hug, Windrush child says goodbye to his grandmother and the shores of his Caribbean home, before stepping into an adventure across the ocean, to an unknown horizon and a sky full of hope.


What do you think of all these books?  I’ve already read a lot of the picture books so the reviews for those will be appearing very soon on this blog.  In the meantime let me know what you’re currently reading.  And have a great April Fools day! 🙂

What do you think of these books?  What are you currently reading or hoping to start reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂