Today I am pleased to welcome you to my stop on the blog tour for The Book Share a brililant book with such a good story and ending!  You can read my review for the book below and find out more about the author and see some buy links, but first I’d just like to say a huge thank you to HQ for the chance to be a part of this blog tour and for a copy of the book.  Now let’s see why I enjoyed this book so much…

Title: The Book Share
Author: Phaedra Patrick
Publisher: HQ
Genre: Contemporary
Book format: Digital pre-release copy
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Description:  Liv Green loves losing herself in a good book. But her everyday reality is less romantic, cleaning houses for people who barely give her the time of day. So when she lands a job housekeeping for her personal hero and mega-bestselling author Essie Starling, she can’t believe her luck.
When Essie dies unexpectedly, Liv is left with a life-changing last wish: to complete Essie’s final novel. To do so, change-averse Liv will have to step away from the fictitious worlds in her head, and into Essie’s shoes. As she begins to write, she uncovers a surprising connection between the two women – and a secret that will change Liv’s life forever…

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Review: This is such a good story which kept me turning the pages from the start.  Liv works as a cleaner with her favourite job being working for Essie Starling.  Essie is a reclusive and famous author and the author of Liv’s favourite books and heroine Georgia Rory.  Liv loves working for Essie even though she’s sometimes prickly towards her, but the two get along and one day Essie asks Liv for her opinion about her writing.  But after giving her opinion Liv worries about what she’s said to Essie and hopes to sort things out with her after Essie returns from a trip away for a few days.  But Essie never returns.  Live soon discovers that Essie has passed away, but with her passing she’s left Live instructions, to finish off her twentieth and last novel.

I really enjoyed this book from the first pages.  I like Liv’s character as we see her cleaning Essie’s flat and later some other places.  I like how she invents her own cleaning products and the way she tries to fulfil her job while dealing with all sorts of people and demands.  Liv loves Essie Starling’s books, having grown up reading about the Georgia’s many adventures, but when she finds out about the author’s last wishes, she struggles to find the voice to write about her favourite character.

The story is intriguing from the start and I love how different Essie and Liv are and the relationship between them.  As the story moves forward and Liv begins to re-write chapters of a draft Essie left her with, she begins to not only work out what will happen in the story but finds herself facing a mystery about Essie too.  I love how we slowly find out more and more about Essie’s past and how it intertwines later with Liv’s.  I don’t want to spoil it by saying anything, but the mystery deepens and I just love how everything is related and how things get revealed especially towards the end.  Liv’s character is a good one, I like how she grows as a person throughout the story.  Her own family life is one that many can relate to and I like how she struggles with her family and relationship but how her relationship with  her family grows in the story too.

There are lots of interesting moments and it gives you an insight into what the life of a famous author might be like.  I like how we see Liv jetting off to a book fair later and what happens when she meets the people from Essie’s past.  The mystery of why Essie became a recluse is slowly revealed and the whole story comes together so well.  I love how everything resolves itself in the very end, with some wonderful revelations about Essie and Liv too.  The ending is a good one that makes you feel happy, it put a smile on my face and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next for Liv, it was such a brilliant and wonderful ending. 🙂

Overall this is a great story and one I’d recommend.  It’s an interesting book  as we get to read some of a story within this story, chapters from various Georgia Rory books, especially the one Liv is finishing, and you also get the wider mystery of Essie’s connection to certain people and why she became a recluse so suddenly after a certain event in her life.  The whole story felt so interesting, it sucked me in from the very first pages and I couldn’t put this book down.  I ended up reading the whole book in one day!  It’s such a brilliant story and one I’ll reading again and I’ll certainly be looking to read more of the author’s work in future.

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About the author

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Phaedra qualified firstly as a stained glass artist before gaining her professional Marketing  qualifications. She has worked as a waitress, stained glass designer, film festival organiser and  communications manager. She enjoyed her first real writing success when she entered and won several short story competitions, and she now writes full time.

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