Today I’m pleased to welcome you to my stop on the blog tour for The Capsarius, the first book in the Legion XXII series and a brilliant historical adventure!  You can see my review below as well as more about the author and buy link but first I’d like to say a big thank you to Andrew from Head of Zeus for the chance to be a part of this blog tour and a copy of the book.  Now let’s see why I liked this book so much! 🙂 …

Title: The Capsarius (Legion XXII #1)
Author: Simon Turney
Map design: Michael Athanson
Publisher: Head of Zeus (Aries fiction)
Genre: Historical fiction
Book format: Hardback
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Description:  Titus Cervianus is no ordinary soldier. And the Twenty Second is no ordinary legion…
Egypt. 25 BC. A former surgeon from the city of Ancyra, Titus Cervianus is now acapsarius – a combat medic. He is a pragmatist, a scientist – and deeply unpopularwith his legion, the Twenty Second Deiotariana.
The Twenty Second have been sent to deal with uprisings in Egypt. Founded as theprivate army of one of Rome’s most devoted allies, their ways are not the same as theother legions’, which sets them apart and causes friction with their fellow soldiers.
Marching into the unknown, Cervianus will find unexpected allies: a local cavalrymanand a troublesome lunatic. Both will be of critical importance as the young medicmarches through the searing sands of the south, finding forbidden temples, hiddenassassins, and worst of all, the warrior queen of Kush…

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is a brilliant adventure and one I really enjoyed reading.  Titus Cervianus is a capsarius and part of the twenty second legion, a Roman legion originating from Galatia.  Cervianus is an outsider in his legion, none of the men like him but he doesn’t seem to mind, instead excited to see the sights of Alexandria and Egypt after his legion is transferred there.  Soon his legion has to go on a mission, marching through Egypt along with the accompanying twelve legion.  Tensions rise between the legions and soon Cervianus finds himself in the middle of a situation that could get him killed.

The Capsarius map image
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This is such a good story and I was turning the pages from the start!  Cervianus is a capsarius, a soldier who is also a medic and I liked his character from the start with his interest in Greek medicine rather than Roman and his eagerness to see Egypt.  From the start you see how Cervianus is treated by the others in his legion but I like how he strikes up a friendship with Ulyxes and how different the two are.  The legions end up going on a long march across Egypt and I love how curious Cervianus is about all the monuments and how we get to know what is in different parts of Egypt.  I like how we learn more about Egypt and the egyptian people through Cervianus’s friendship with another character and how differently the two think.

As they march towards their goal the tension keeps rising among the different legions.  I like what happens and how Cervianus manages to deal with the situation.  The twenty second legion is Galatian, not roman, and I like how different they are in their appearance and their uniform, this difference leading to the tensions really mounting between the different legions.  The action in this book is so well written, the fighting wasn’t too gory, except toward the end,  but is written so well and felt so vivid that I could imagine it well in my mind.  The ending is really good, things are resolved well, but you are also left wanting to read the next book in the series to know what happens to the legion next.

The book has a few uses of milder swear words and some fighting which isn’t too gory except right near the end.  There is a map at the start of the book which shows you where the legion march and the book has some historical notes at the end which explain how this book is based on the real twenty second legion from Galatia, along with an explanation on which parts of the story are based on fact and which are fiction.  I enjoyed reading these notes as I knew nothing about the twenty second legion and some of the other people mentioned in this book.

Overall this is a great historical adventure and the first in a series I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of.  There are some great and funny moments throughout the book which lighten some of the tension, and the whole story is just so good, so compelling to read, that I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you enjoy historical fiction set in roman times, or are fascinated with ancient egypt too.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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About the Author

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Simon Turney is from Yorkshire and, having spent much of his childhood visiting historic sites, fell in love with the Roman heritage of the region. His fascination with the ancient world snowballed from there with great interest in Rome, Egypt, Greece and Byzantium. His works include the Marius’ Mules and Praetorian series, the Tales of the Empire and The Damned Emperor series, and the Rise of Emperors books with Gordon Doherty

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