Title: Rita Wants a Dragon (Rita Wants #5)
Author: Márie Zepf
Illustrator: Mr Ando (Andrew Whitson)
Publisher: Graffeg
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback
Sweet Strawberries: Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry
Description: Meet Rita.  She’s a little girl with very big ideas.  When Rita becomes cross, she imagines she has a ferocious dragon who will make the world shudder.  But even the fire of anger is tameable, and Rita knows how.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review….
Review:  Rita has just made a snowman when someone crashes into it and destroys  it.  This makes Rita angry, so angry that she wants a dragon, a dragon that would be as angry as she is, and would blow fire!  But can anything stop Rita and the dragon’s anger?  The paperback of this book is filled with thick matt pages of colourful illustrations and text.
Rita wants a Dragon book page image one
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This is another great instalment in the Rita wants series.  This time Rita gets angry after her snowman is destroyed.  Rita decides she wants a dragon and we see her imagine what the dragon would be like.  At first the dragon is as angry as Rita is, it blows fire and causes lots of havoc for those that destroyed Rita’s snowman.  But then Rita flies away with the dragon until they find a shelter and the two do something that calms both of them down.  The story is simple but a great one in showing how children can deal with anger when they experience it.  Rita realises that she doesn’t have to stay angry, and I love how this is shown with her and the dragon sharing some lovely moments together.  The ending is good and I love the image on the last page which was a surprise and which leads nicely from the dragon pictures on the previous pages. 

The illustrations are great, colourful and I like how the dragon looks and the detail of its skin.  The images are quite simple compared to some other Rita books but I do love how the different things like the dragons fire or the storm looks and the detail of the other characters on the page when Rita and the dragon are angry.  Watching as something continually happens to them. 

Rita wants a Dragon book page image two
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Overall this is another great book in the Rita series.  I have to say this one feels simpler than the others but it has a great message about how to resolve the feelings of anger which children can at times face, and it’s done in a great way with some great illustrations.

-The Welsh edition of Mae Rita Eisiau Draig is also available.

-The Irish edition of Rita agus an Dragún is also available.

What do you think of this book?  Did you ever get cross or angry as a child?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂