Title: The Story Thief
Author: Graham Carter
Illustrator: Graham Carter
Publisher: Andersen Press
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  Olive prefers reading about adventures to having them.  But someone’s stealing all the books in town… Its time for Olive to become the hero of her story and solve the crime.

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Review:  This is such a fun picture book with a great story and some really wonderful illustrations. Olive loves books, and one of her favourite things is to have her dad read her bedtime stories. But one night while listening to her dad read aloud, a strange creature creeps in through the window and steals the book. Soon the whole town is missing their books, but Olive is determined to get them back. This paperback is filled with lots of thick glossy pages of text and illustrations.

The Story Thief book page image one
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I love the story in this and it feels different from many picture books. The story begins when Olive and her father are crossing the water and one of Olive’s books falls into the sea. Soon a sea creature is following Olive and her father to the land where it ends up stealing all the books! The story is brilliant, I love the way the creature doesn’t know what books are but hoards them regardless. The story is good with Olive determined to rescue the town’s books. I won’t say what happens at the end but this book definitely has a great ending with books being celebrated and a good ending for the Olive and the creature.

The story text is good but the illustrations really make this book so fun to read! I love how everything looks and there is so much detail in each page or double page. I love how the sea creature looks and the expressions on both its face and the other characters. The details in each picture might be missed on first view and I just love how there are small things to notice such as some of the funny signs the town folk hold, what’s written on them, and the details in the sea and around the books. It’s definitely a book you’ll love to read and look at more than once, just to spot all the detail.

The Story Thief book page image two
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The story has a good ending and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great story which celebrates books. I love what happens and how funny everything looks. My only criticism though, is that the text feels a little less clear to read, especially on very colourful and detailed pages. It’s a minor thing, but if it had been in bold I would have noticed it more clearly, because on a couple of pages I almost missed the text, but that’s a minor thing and doesn’t detract from my rating, it’s still a great read! 🙂

What do you think of this book?  Do you like stories about reading and books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂