Today I’m sharing a pem I wrote a while ago on a darker subject which I’ve written quite a few poems about.  This isn’t a very cheerful poem, but writing darker poems is often very cathartic for me so I will continue to do so.  I have some newer poems I’ve written recently which I’m planning on sharing soon, but for now here’s a poem form a few years ago which is short and ends quite abruptly, but I hope you like it. 🙂

How Many Times?

©The Strawberry Post

How many times did I,
Let you inside?
Spent my life afraid,
Wanting to hide.

Why did I let you say,
All those things to me?
Blinded by love,
Expecting you to see.

How could you take,
Control over my life?
Forgot who I was,
More than just a wife.

Why didn’t I see,
That I could simply leave?
Made me think no-one,
Would ever want to grieve.

How many times did I,
Let you get inside?
Too late to count now,
I’ve already died.

-Poem first appeared online June 2017 – now published here.

Waht do you think of this poem?  Do you like reading or writing darker poetry?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂