Today I’m excited to show you some more amazing books from publishers Walker Books and Andersen Press.  These books were supposed to be called an April haul as I got them some time ago now, but I’ve been so overwhelmed with the blog, reading and offline stuff that I haven’t managed to photograph them until just recently.  You will recognise one of the books below, the review for it went out earlier this week, and the rest will be reviewed soon too. 🙂  So, let’s take a look at all of these lovely children’s and teen books, starting with the picture books (and huge apologies for the lighting in these pictures, I had the sun and other lights in place but they still turned out looking quite dark 😮 ) …

May book haul Walker Books picture books
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Where’s Wally? Through History Activity Book by Martin Handford – op in a time machine with Wally and join in with the fun through history! Includes games, puzzles and searches, plus over 100 super stickers.

Penny and the Little Lost Puppy by Emily Sutton – Moving home can feel a bit lonely, so Penny can’t believe her luck when she finds a puppy who wants to play all day long! But the next morning, Penny’s playmate is nowhere to be seen …

Snakes on a Train by Kathryn Dennis – Snakes on a train? Yes, indeed! These colourful, wriggly passengers are going on a fabuloussss journey. They slither onto the train and the adventure begins.

Grumpy Hat by Nicola Kent – When Ravi gets annoyed with his younger sister and breaks her toy car, everyone goes to bed upset. Ravi has to learn how to swap his grumpy hat for happy socks in this uplifting story about siblings, family life and controlling bad moods.


And now for the first of the children’s reading books and these two are for younger kids…

May book haul Walker Books younger children's books
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The Treasure Under the Jam Factory by Chrissie Sains & Jenny Taylor – McLay’s Jam factory is scheduled for a Grand Re-Opening, until Daffy Dodgy puts a spanner in the works. A hoard of treasure buried under the jam factory could save the day, but Scooter’s not the only one looking for it …

Rigatoni the Pasta Cat by Michael Rosen & Tony RossRigatoni loves pasta, any kind of pasta.
Then one day his owners go away and leave George in charge. And the pasta is replaced with yucky cat food …


And here is an older children’s/middle grade book and a YA novel…

May book haul Walker Books mg and ya books
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The Great Fox Illustion by Justyn Edwards – lick Lions has won a place on a new TV show, in which young people compete to win the legacy of the Great Fox, one of the world’s most famous magicians. But Flick is after something much more important.

Idol Gossip: A K-Pop Dream Come True by Alexandra Leigh Young – K-pop gets the Gossip Girl treatment when Alice Choy is catapulted into the life of a manufactured popstar at the elite Top10 Entertainment’s Star Academy.


And now for the final book, the only hardback in this month’s selection but it’s really beautiful and has a secret cover under the dust jacket (which you’ll see when I review it 😀 )…

May book haul Walker Books Hardback book
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Arabic Folktales: The Three Princes of Serendip & Other Stories by Rodaan Al Galidi, Geertje Aalders & Laura Watkinson – A feast of twenty Middle Eastern folklore stories, filled with wisdom about love, acceptance, and warnings against folly, from an award-winning Iraqi storyteller, paired with vibrant cut-paper art.


Don’t all of these books look and sound great? 🙂  I can’t wait to get started reading on those I haven’t already!  I have read Rigatoni the Pasta Cat, a review of it can be read already as it was posted on Monday, and I’ve also read The Treasure Under the Jam Factory which will be on the blog soon.  And I’ll get to the others as soon as I can so I hope you’ll look forward to those. 🙂

What do you think of these books?  What are you currently reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂