Today I’m excited to share with you some more books from the lovely people at Graffeg.  A lot of wonderful books are being published by Graffeg recntly and in the coming few weeks I’m hoping to get hold of more interesting books I’ve been lucky to see press-releases for, but today I want to share with you these three picture books which I’m very excited about, especially the Fletcher book as I’m now a fan of this cute fox.  First let’s see the two paperbacks…

May book haul Graffeg paperbacks
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Albert Supersize by Ian Brown & Eoin Clarke – Albert the pet tortoise is on his biggest adventure.  He must tackle giant dinosaurs and a fiery volcano.  Then, back in the garden, he’s called on to help his little friends with a big problem of their own.  Charming illustrations bring to life this massive tale of friendship, big dreams and the importance of helping others, whatever their size.  Also included are fascinating facts about the real tortoise called Albert, who inspired this story, a modern day mini-dinosaur living life on the veg, and his dinosaur cousins.

George the Brave by Eva Papoušková & Galina Miklínová –George the Wombat is playing in the dark woods with his friends when Wilma the Fox arrives, feeling hungry!  George will need to think fast and be brave, but how can a little wombat get the better of a wily fox like Wilma?
An exciting tale about George and his friends with a surprising wombat fact.


And now for the hardback…

May book haul Graffeg hardback
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Fletcher and the Rockpool by Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanie Beeke – When Fletcher tumbles happily onto the beach he is dazzled by the sun, sea an space.  He soon finds a rockpool full of new friends, but as the sea disappears they are stranded!  Fletcher rushes to the rescue and manages to scoop up Little Crab – but do Fletcher’s friends really need rescuing?
Explore the glittering world beyond Fletcher’s wood in this heart-warming summer story.


Don’t all of these picture books sound interesting and look so lovely?  I am in love with the Fletcher and the Four Seasons series and can’t wait to find out what that glittering surprise page looks like at the end!  And I’m also excited for the other two picture books as they continue other series that I have started reading and enjoyed. 😀  Reviews for all of these will appear on the blog quite soon so I hope you’ll look out for those.

I’m a little behind in general with blog stuff lately (and am so behind on twitter and instagram, so apologies if you’ve messaged me and I haven’t responded).  I’ve just not had enough time online recently and to add to my frustrations, my wireless computer mouse fell on the floor yesterday, after I accidently shoved it off the table with my hand holding a cup and as it wasn’t a carpeted floor, it somehow collapsed into pieces.  I tried pushing all components back together but it just refuses to work now so I need to get another mouse as using the laptop touchpad is just sooo slow (and keeps freezing when I use it – why?😭).  So I might be a bit slow at getting posts out on time for a a few days until I can get a new one.

What do you think of these books?  Have you read any books in these series yet?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂