Today I’m pleased to welcome you to my stop on the BOTH Kickstarter blog tour which is aiming to raise money with a kickstarter campaign to help get some dyslexia friendly titles published.  I was part of the initial Open Dyslexia Kickstarter campaign by Books on the Hill last year but this year is the Open Dyslexia: The Sequel kickstarter campaign, aiming at publishing eight more titles for adults.  You can find out more about it below, along with my review of this brilliant dyslexia-friendly version of a Sherlock Holmes tale, but first I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Love Books Tours and the Books on the Hill for a copy of the book and a chance to be a part of this tour. 🙂

Title: Scandal in Bohemia: A Sherlock Home Story (A quick-read dyslexic friendly)
Author: Arthur Conana Doyle
Publisher: BOTH
Genre: Mystery
Book format: Digital
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Description:  A masked and richly-dressed ‘Count von Kramm’ arrives at Homes’ Baker Street apartment. The man turns out to be the King of Bohemia and needs Holmes’ help in destroying evidence of a previous relationship he had with the opera singer Irene Adler, who is in possession of letters, a photograph of them together.
The king is convinced she’ll use the photograph to ruin him out of jealousy. Holmes agrees to take the case, but has the great detective finally met his match with Irene Adler.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is such a brilliant story!   Dr Watson hasn’t been in touch with Sherlock Holmes for a while and decides to call upon him to see how he is doing.  While he’s there, Holmes is met by a man from Bohemia about a scandal which threatens to upset the king there.  Holmes is happy to take on the case and soon he and Watson are trying to find something important, but has Homes met his match when it comes to the woman he’s trying to outwit?

This is my first time reading a Sherlock Holmes story, though I’ve seen some on screen, and I have loved every sentence!  The story is quite short but so brilliant with Holmes immediately working out who his client really is.  It isn’t long before Watson is hearing what Holmes has discovered and soon the two of them are investigating a woman who has something very important she’s hidden.  I love how from the very first moment this story is so interesting and readable.  I love how Holmes can deduce anything, even where Watson has been without him saying a word.  The story itself isn’t long but as I said it’s really good with Holmes dressing up in more than one disguise to find out more information.

The ending is so good, there is a brilliant twist and I love what happens, something I really didn’t expect.  The ending is good, a little funny and has made me eager to read more of Sherlock Holmes stories (I don’t know why I haven’t until now!).  This book has been made to be especially dyslexia-friendly and which means it’s also great for people who are reluctant readers too.  The book is quite short at around 59 pages which is great for anyone who struggles with bigger books, and being part of the BOTH Press books, this will likely feature a special font and format similar to the Barrington Stoke books I review.  I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and also anyone who, like me, is new to the characters but is interested in reading a great story.

The Book

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One of 8 books to be published with the Open Dyslexia:The Sequel kickstarter campaign

About Open Dyslexia: The Sequel

Following their successful “Open Dyslexia” Kickstarter in 2021, which led to publishing eight dyslexic friendly fiction titles, BOTH Press is launching on June 7th 2022, their second Kickstarter “Open Dyslexia: the sequel” with more high-profile authors than ever before, lasting 30 days and finishing on the July 4th 2022The Kickstarter aims to publish eight more titles of high-quality fiction from bestselling authors: including household names such as Bernard Cornwell and Peter James. The line-up is full of many front-list authors such as Gareth Powell, J.M Alvey(aka Juliet Mckenna), Scott Oden, Snorri Krisjanason, and James Bennett.Peter James will also be doing an introduction for the 2022 collection. Visit the Open Dyslexia: The Sequel Kickstarter page

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my stop on the blog tour today for this dyslexia-friendly book which will hopefully get published if Books on the Hill can raise the money from the kickstarter project so if you can please do visit and help because as you know I support any books that help those who struggle to enjoy reading, whether dyslexics or reluctant readers. You can check out the other stops on the blog tour banner below, do note that many of these are Instagram handles (including mine). 🙂

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What do you think of this book?  What do you think of this project?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂