Today I’m pleased to welcome you to my stop on the BOTH Kickstarter blog tour which is aiming to raise money with a kickstarter campaign to help get some dyslexia friendly titles published.  I was part of the initial Open Dyslexia Kickstarter campaign by Books on the Hill last year, but this year we’re focusing on Open Dyslexia: The Sequel kickstarter campaign, aiming at publishing eight more titles for adults.  You can find out more about it below, along with my review of this very different and fun dyslexia-friendly historical read, but first I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Love Books Tours and the Books on the Hill for a copy of this book and a chance to be a part of this tour. 🙂

Title: The Dust of the Red Rose Knight (A quick-read Dyslexic-friendly)
Author: James Bennett
Publisher: BOTH Publishing
Genre: Historical fiction
Book format: Digital pre-publication copy
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Description:  It befell in the days of Arthur Pendragon that there lived a thief and a lover of men called Tomas, the Red Rose Knight

When Tomas O’Lincoln, half-fairy and outlaw, learns that knights from Camelot hunt him in the forest, he fears he must pay for his crimes. Desperate for shelter, the Enchantress sends him on a reluctant quest to find his way to the Fortress Impenetrable, deep in the darkling heartwood.

Only behind the high black walls of the Archimago’s castle will Tomas learn a Truth Most Vital and come face-to-face with his destiny… But is it a destiny he wants?

 Bawdy, humorous and magical, The Dust of the Red Rose Knight is a queer Arthurian romance from the acclaimed author of The Ben Garston Novels, in the finest tradition that never was.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a funny and interesting story.  Tomas, known as the Red Rose Knight, enjoys spending his days in the forest, causing all sorts of mischief.  He hates Camelot and the king there and wants nothing to do with it.  One day when out in the woods he spots a knight pursuing him, and unable to get away, he decides to face the knight and fight.  But soon Tomas finds out he’s being pursued by more than one knight and must go on a dangerous journey to discover a Truth Most Vital.

This is an interesting story which was good and funny throughout.  The story is written in such a way that is very engaging and the narrator begins by telling you about Tomas’s story.  I like the way this is done and how the different chapters all begin with a brief sentence on what we can expect from reading the chapter itself.  I like how this story begins and how Tomas finds himself being chased, by more than one knight and the ways he tries to escape.

The story is funny, and quite silly in parts.  I have to say I love when we start to hear the animals speak, there’s just something so funny about hearing them shout out random things including curses, which only Tomas can hear.  As Tomas heads on a journey to reach the place where he will find out that Truth Most Vital, he ends up meeting some other characters, more knights and an old woman who was very interesting.  I like what happens once he meets her and what we later discover about her character.  It’s certainly not what I expected and I loved the surprise.

The story is quite short, being a dyslexia-friendly read, but Tomas’s journey is quite the adventure!  Towards the ending there’s a big twist revealing something about Tomas which I have to say I didn’t see coming as I had no knowledge of the Red Rose Knight before reading this.  It’s a brilliant twist and I love the eeriness of the place Tomas ends up, the creepy invisible things there, and how the story overall ends.  The ending is a good one and I like how Tomas is still the same mischievous character that we got to know from the start.  The book is known as a bawdy queer romance and it definitely is that.  There are a few sex scenes in the story as well as some swearing including occasional use of the s, f and c swear words.

Overall this is a good read although a little too bawdy for me.  I like how the story for Tomas goes though and how funny a lot of the moments are.  The book is a dyslexic-friendly read which means that it’s printed on cream coloured paper instead of the normal white and the text is bigger on the page and is a special dyslexia-friendly font.  The book is only about 120 pages long so it makes it much easier for reluctant readers to pick up too and the way the book looks with the font makes it easier for anyone with visual problems to read as well.

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Following their successful “Open Dyslexia” Kickstarter in 2021, which led to publishing eight dyslexic friendly fiction titles, BOTH Press is launching on June 7th 2022, their second Kickstarter “Open Dyslexia: the sequel” with more high-profile authors than ever before, lasting 30 days and finishing on the July 4th 2022The Kickstarter aims to publish eight more titles of high-quality fiction from bestselling authors: including household names such as Bernard Cornwell and Peter James. The line-up is full of many front-list authors such as Gareth Powell, J.M Alvey(aka Juliet Mckenna), Scott Oden, Snorri Krisjanason, and James Bennett.Peter James will also be doing an introduction for the 2022 collection. Visit the Open Dyslexia: The Sequel Kickstarter page

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