Title: Animal BFFs: Even Animals Have Best Friends!
Author: Sophie Corrigan
Illustrator: Sophie Corrigan
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Genre: Children’s picture book, Non-fiction, Animals
Book format: Digital
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Description: Hey humans!  You aren’t the only ones with friends in your life!  We have our own BFFs who are always there for us through thick and thin, helping us out with all the usual things that friends do.  You know, like picking ticks off our backs, letting us know when a lion is about to make us its dinner and helping us hunt down some tasty prey.
Stick around and we’ll introduce you to our Animal BFFs!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a brilliant, fun and informative read for kids!  In the world there are many animal relationships where animals work with other creatures, not their own species, which benefits both or at least one of them. This book shows a whole lot of different pairs of animals and how they benefit themselves and each other in different ways, and how they are often the best of friends.

Animal BFFs bok page image one
An image of double page from the digital copy I received

This is a wonderful picture book and one I have enjoyed reading so much and have learned so much from.  ‘Animal BFFs’ is filled with so many lovely illustrations and some small pieces of text making it easy to pick up and read straight away.  There are three different types of animal relationships explained in the book, mutual, commensal and parasitic, and each relationship between two animals is explain on two double pages.  The first of the double pages shows the two animals in an often funny scene, such as egrets and water buffaloes exercising together, before the next double pages show what relationship the animals actually have together.  The animals talk in speech bubbles which makes understanding about their relationships much easier and more fun.  There is also a box of extra facts at the end, adding more detail about their relationship as well as more interesting facts about the animals.

Animal BFFs book page image two
An image of double page from the digital copy I received

I love how this book looks visually.  Each double page is so engaging with many wonderful and fun illustrations of the different animals and what relationship they have.  I have to say that some of my favourites are the beaver and the warthog which just look so cute and are in an illustrations style I love!  Each of the animals looks so fun, even the spider looks cute, and I really don’t like spiders!  The facts are all so interesting and I love how the animals explain their relationships with others to us through the speech bubbles, there is also information on the page about where to find each animal in the world too.

Animal BFFs book page image three
An image of double page from the digital copy I received

There is a glossary at the back along with a double page image of all the animals which I love looking at.  The different relationships explained are all interesting and I have to say that I didn’t know about the majority of these before reading this.  I’m not a fan of the parasitic animals but I do love the commensal ones which don’t harm the others and usually just imitate another’s look or sound.  The hoverfly looks particularly cute in this book.  Overall this is a great children’s picture book I would recommend to any children who love finding out about animals and the natural world.  It’s fascinating, fun to look at and so informative!

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