Title: Julius Zebra Quiz Book
Author: Gary Northfield
Illustrator: Gary Northfield
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Non-fiction, Puzzles – quiz, Humour
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  How RUTHLESS or reasonable are the Romans?  How BRAINY are the Britons?  Can the Egyptians ENLIGHTEN you with their expertise?  Surely the Greeks are the greatest GENIUSES?
Who will be the wisest and wittiest of them all?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is another great addition to the Julius Zebra series of books, which I already have. This time Julius and his friends are giving you a quiz all about the Romans, Britons, Egyptians and Greeks, complete with brilliant and hilarious illustrations and some jokes. The book is quite thin compared to the story books in the series but there is a good collection of quiz questions to answer, separated into three sections per civilization, so thirty questions for the Romans, thirty for Greeks, etc.

Julius Zebra Quiz Book book page image one
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The questions range in difficulty, with each question being a multiple choice question with a choice of three answers to choose from. I have to admit that some of the question’s answers were quite silly and therefore it wasn’t so difficult to answer some of these questions correctly, but there are a fair few questions that I as an adult didn’t even know the answers to such as what foods the Romans brought to Britain. As with the Julius Zebra joke book ,there are lots of fun illustrations accompanying each page. The illustrations sometimes feature Julius and his friends and sometimes other characters like the Britons, Greeks, etc., but all are very funny and related in some way to the quiz questions. The illustrations don’t necessarily reveal the correct answer though so you have to be careful when choosing you answers. There’s also the odd silly joke too, and I love some of the moments in this like Felix’s obsession with collecting rocks still a part of the illustrations in this book!

Julius Zebra Quiz Book book page image two
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Going through the quiz book didn’t take me long and I did enjoy reading through it. The answers are all at the back along with a funny last page from Julius and his friends. if I had any negatives about this book I’d say that I wish it was longer. The book has a lot of great questions to think about and answer but it is quite thin and I am such a fan of the series that I just didn’t want the book to end so soon, lol! But I really don’t have any criticisms, for me it’s a brilliant addition to the Julius Zebra books and I did learn a few things about some ancient people too! Overall a brilliant and funny book and one I’d recommend and will be visiting again.

What do you think of this book?  Do you like quiz books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂