Today I’m pleased to share with you two more books which I recently got from publisher Canongate books.  It’s the first time I have ever gotten books from this publisher (big thank you to them!) and I’m so excited for these as they both look and sound amazing!  The first book shown below, I actually got through Readers First.  I have never been on the website before and only just signed up a week earlier.  It was my first time writing an impression of any book, this book, and I fell instantly in love with it and crossed my fingers in the hopes I could win it.  Turns out…I did, what luck! 😃

First let’s see this book I won from Readers First which is an historical ficiton and possibly the most beautiful proof I have received this year!😍…

July book haul from Canongate The Night Ship close up
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The Night Ship by Jess Kidd – 1628.  Embarking on a journey in search of her father, a young girl called Mayken boards the Batavia, the most impressive sea vessel of the age.  During the long voyage, this curious and resourceful child must find her place in the ship’s busy world, and she soon uncovers shadowy secrets above and below deck.  As tensions spiral, the fate of the ship and all on board becomes incresingly uncertain.
1989.  Gill, a boy mourning the death of his mother, is placed in the care of his irritable and reclusive grandfather.  Their home is a shack on a tiny fishing island off the Australian coast, notable only for its reefs and wrecked boats.  This is no place for a child strugling with a dark past and Gil’s actions soon get him noticed by the wrong people.
The Night Ship is an enthralling tale of brutality, providence and friendship, and of two children, hundreds of years apart, whose fates are inextricably bound together.


And now onto the second book which I only received after the first week in July.  This is for a readalong happening throughout the month of July (it was published on the 7th in paperback) and I’ve already been enjoying this so much!😊  It’s so compelling and beautifullly written, and the cover😍…

July book haul from Canongate Learwife close up
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Leaerwife by J. R. Thorpe – Word has come.  King Lear is dead.  His three daughters too, broken in battle.  But someone has survived: Lear’s queen.
Though her grief and rage threaten to crack the earth open, she knows she must seek answers.  Why was she exiled?  What has happened to Kent, her oldest friend?  And what will become of her now?


Learwife is like sequel to King Lear, the famous Shakespeare play which doesn’t seem to feature his wife, so this book was written about the woman who Shakespeare forgot.  The Night Ship is just writtten in such a wonderful and evocative way (well the first chapters are that I read on Readers First) and I’m hoping I will love both of these! 🙂  As I said I’m already reading Learwife for the Canongate readalong (search the hashtag #learwifealong to see others joining in this on instagram).  And please do check out my Instagram (@tstrawberrypost) for more on this and another readalong I will be beginning today! 😀  I’ve received a lot of books lately but I’m keeping on top of it (at least I think I am as long as I don’t look at my tbr pile!🙈).  Look out for reviews of these coming soon here on the blog. 🙂

Have you read or seen King Lear?  What do you think of these books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂