Title: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My First Shapes
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young children’s picture book, Learning – shapes
Book format: Board book
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Description:  Follow the path and trace the lines in this first shapes adventure!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun board book introducing shapes to young children. The book itself is a good A5ish size, and is filled with lots of colourful pages of illustrations and a little text on glossy pages. The edges of the book are curved so they won’t hurt young children’s hands.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt My First Shapes book page one
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The book is about shapes and has a clever way of helping kids to learn their shapes while having some fun. There are eight shapes to learn and each double page (apart from the last page) has one shape to learn. Each double page features some lovely illustrations from ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ on the left, with a specific shape shown on the right, along with an item that is of that shape. For example the first pages show a circle around a beach ball on the right and on the left the word ‘circle’ is written. There is what’s called a finger trail around the beach ball so children can sort of ‘draw’ the shape of the circle with their fingers around the beach ball. This continues on all the pages, each unique shape having its own finger trail around it.

What I like about this book is that it’s made from very thick card which then has the finger trails, the spaces where kids draw around the shape, slightly dented into the page. This makes it easier for kids fingers to fit into the finger trail space and follow it. I don’t know if I managed to explain well, but it’s a lovely book with a small shape also shown on the top left of the page and the finger trails on each double page being slightly dipped into the page and in a matt rather than glossy finish.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt My First Shapes book page two
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I love how this book not only teaches you shapes but also shows an object which has that shape too which can help kids link up the shapes with real objects they see at home. I also love all of the illustrations in the book, especially the bear near the end, they all make this so much more fun to look at. Overall this is a lovely addition to the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ board books which I’ve seen are being published. I’m sure many young children will enjoy reading this and following the shapes on each page.

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