Title: Maddy Yip’s Guide to Holidays (Maddy Yip #2)
Author: Sue Cheung
Illustrator: Sue Cheung
Publisher: Andersen Press
Genre: Older children’s/middle grade fiction, Humour
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  My name is Maddy Yip.  I’m off on a seaside holiday with my bezzie Dev.  Our biggest dream is to ride on the brand new, completely mind-blowing roller coaster called the MEGA BEAST: One problem though: I have to bring my annoying little brother and my bonkers grandad along for the weekend.  I mean, dealing with killer seagulls is bad enough!  Will they stop me from loop-the-looping on the BEST RIDE EVER?

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Review:  This is a great and funny story and even better than the first book in the series! Maddy and Dev aren’t enjoying their Easter holidays, in fact they are bored so they try to come up with something fun to do like eating as many chocolate eggs as possible, but what they really want to do is ride the new rollercoaster ride in the seaside town of Sudmouth. When something happens at home and Maddy and her brothers have to stay out of the house for a few days, she manages to convince her parents to let her go to Sudmouth. But with her having to look after her younger brother Oli and her Granddad Agung, will she be able to get a chance to ride on the rollercoaster afterall?

Maddy Yip's Guide to Holidays book page image one
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I really enjoyed this second instalment of the Maddy Yip series, even more than the first. Maddy and her best friend Dev desperately want to ride the new rollercoaster that’s now opened in the seaside town of Sudmouth, and when she finally gets the chance to go to the town for a few days she takes Dev along with her as well as her brother Oli and her granddad. I like what happens in this story, Maddy manages to convince her parents that her granddad can be the adult looking after them, even though it’s really Maddy feeling like she has to look after him. When the group get to Sudmouth they stay at a B&B and I like what happens there and the characters we meet, especially the dog!

Maddy Yip's Guide to Holidays book page image two
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The book is narrated by Maddy and written in a fun way with lots of illustrations throughout on various pages. I like how the author does this with little sketches showing us what happens to Maddy and the little things it looks like Maddy scribbles into a diary. The illustrations are all very funny being in black and white and grey. I like how expressive the characters look, especially the way Agung looks in those last pages when he does something amazing. The pictures definitely add to the humour of the story and I like how each chapter begins with some nice pattern on the left on the left (see the photo of chapter 1) followed by illustrations throughout the story.

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The things that happen to Maddy and how her and Dev are constantly trying to get a chance to ride the rollercoaster while other things get in the way is funny, and I like how this story builds towards the ending. Something brilliant happens with Agung and the others before they go home and it made me laugh. The final page is funny too and I can’t wait to read another Maddy Yip book after reading this one. I’ve already read the first book which was good but I do think this one is so much better. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a funny read with some great illustrations along the way. The text isn’t too small and it’s filled with so many pictures that it makes for easier reading than some other books. You don’t have to have read the first Maddy Yip book to read this one either, although reading the first one will show you just how silly Maddy’s family is. But this is a great standalone book and it’s so good that I read it all in one sitting!

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