Today I want to share with you a book haul which came a little while ago, and which I took some time to take pictures of as I had just finished photographing these and then another book came more recently from the same publisher so I wanted to take time to take some proper pictures of everything together. 🙂  These books all come from publisher Barrington Stoke who publish books that are especially easy for dyslexics and reluctant readers to read, although anyone can read them and they are quite short to read.  A huge thank you to Emma for these!  Let’s take a look, starting with the books which came earlier…

July book haul Barrington Stoke children's books
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The Clockwork Queen by Peter Bunzl & Lia Visirin – Chess prodigy Sophie Peshka inherited her love of the game from her grandmaster father.  But now that he has been imprisoned in the dugeons of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg by powerful Empress Catherine the Great, Sophie must use all her strategic skill and cunning to help him escape.
Sophie’s plan involves an incredible chess-playing automaton called the Clockwork Queen, but will the Queen be able to outwit the Empress in a game where the stakes are a matter of life and death?

The Battle of Cabe Street by Tanya Landman – Stepney, London, 1930s. 
When fascist thugs come marching down your street… When antisemitic bully boys attack your family and friends… When you’re just a poor and powerless kid from the slums… Do you run away?  Hide?  Or do you stand up and fight?
Life has always been hard for Elsie and her brother Mikey.  But with Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists on the rise, things are about to get even harder.  As lifelong friendships are torn arpart, Elsie and Mikey find they have some tough choies to make.

Picture Perfect by Serena Patel & Louise Forshaw – Sonal needs to capture a great family picture for her school photography project, but it’s impossible when everyone’s always so busy!
Luckily, Sonal and her nanna come up with the idea of taking everyone on a family camping trip, which should provide lots of great photo opportunities – shouldn’t it?
Faced with a digital detox, will Sonal’s family come together and have fun…or will the trip end in complete disaster?

Birdsong by Katya Balen & Richard Johnson – After a devastating car crash, Annie is unable to play her flute and retreats from the music she’s always loved.
She exists in a world of angry silence – furious with her mum and furious she can’t seem to play her beloved flute any more.
Then she meets Noah, who shows her the blackbirds’ nest hidden in the scrubland near their flats.  as their friendship grows, the blackbirds’ glorious song reignites Annie’s passion for music.  But when tragedy strikes again, will her fragile progress be put at risk?

Hetty and the Battle of the Books by Ana James & Jez Tuya – The library is Hetty’s very favourite place in school, and since falling out with her best friends Ali, Mei and Rocket she’s been spending even more time there.  So she’s absolutely horrified when she learns that their head teacher is planning to close the library down!
There’s no way Hetty’s going to sit back and let this happen.  But can she repair her broken friendships and also find a way to save the library?
Let the Battle of the Books COMMENCE!


I can’t wait to read all of these books, especially the two historical ones which particularly caught my eye.  There’s another historical book which came in the post a little later.  Here’s is a picture of everything that came together…

July book haul Barrington Stoke Tom Palmer
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Here’s there is a book, a bookmark, a press release and a fun extra paper which looks like a typed sort of newspaper.  It explains some of what is happening (as if you are in the war and reading the news) and there’s even a recipe for nettle soup which I’ve always been interested in making! 😋

Tom Palmer has become a favourite author for me since I read his book After the War which follows the children who came to Lake Windermere after they were imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II.  That book was amazing, and now I can’t wait to read this new one which promises to be amazing, especially as it’s inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s family and past…

July book haul Barrington Stoke Tom Palmer close up of Resist
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Resist: One Girl’s Fight Back Against the Mazis by Tom Palmer – As the brutal Second World War stretches on with no end in sight, everyday life for people in Nazi-occupied Netherlands is perilous and full of hardship.  There is very little to eat and they face the constant threat of arrest and enslavement.
After the murder of her beloved uncle and the capture of her brother by the Germans, Edda is determined to do anything she can to help the resistance fight back.
But how much risk is one teenage girl willing to take?


I wanted to show you two additional bookmarks that came with two ofthe earlier books.  First The Clockwork Queen which has an image of Peter Bunzl’s other book Featherlight on the other side…

July book haul Barrington Stoke The Clockwork queen
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And Hetty and the Battle of the Books which is a bookmark that can be flipped to show a place for a child to write their name…

July book haul Barrington Stoke Batthe of the Books
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Don’t all of these books sound interesting?  I’m so excited to start reading these, and in fact I have already started.  I’ve been late to post them, but reviews will be appearing very soon and I hope you’ll look forward to those as I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these and reading Resist which I’m planning on doing right now while typing up this blog post! 😀  All of these books are available to buy now, with Resist having just been published yesterday!  Let me know what books you are reading this weekend. 🙂 ❤

What do you think of these books?  Are there any books here you would like to read?  What are you reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂