Today I’m pleased to share with you two books which have come from publisher Canongate Books recenlty.  One of these came a while ago now, but I’ve been late in taking pictures of all the books that came recently.  The other has only just come through the door last week.  I’m excited for both of these though and can’t wait to start reading! 🙂  Let’s take a look at what came in the post…

August book haul Canongate feature image
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One of these was sent by the publisher from their blogger mailing list, and the other is part of the Canongate readalong for August.  I’m not able to take part in the read along as I just don’t have the time, which I told them when asking about something else, but they were only too happy to let me still have a copy to read when I have time, so a huge thank you to them! 🙂  Now let’s take a look at the blurbs for these two books…


August book haul Canongate close up of The Garden of Angels
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The Garden of Angels by David Hewson – When a Jewish classmate is attacked by bullies, fifteen-year-old Nico just watches – earning him a week’s suspension and a typed, yellowing manuscript from his frail Nonno Paolo.  A history lesson, his grandfather says, and a secret he must keep from his father.
Nico is transported back to the Venice of 1943, an occupied city seething under the Nazis, and to the defining moment of his grandfather’s life: when Paolo’s support for a murdered Jewish woman brings him into the sights of the city’s underground resistance.  Hooked and unsettled, Nico can’t stop reading – but he soon wonders if he ever knew his beloved grandfather at all.


August book haul Canongate close up of The Trenches
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The Trenches by Parker Bilal – In London, private investigator Dr Rayhana Crane is contacted by a woman who has received an unexpected letter from her estranged son Jason, not seen since he left to become a fighter for Islanic State.  When his steps are traced back to the old stomping ground of her partner Cal Drake, the former policeman goes undercover to infiltrate the sinister network which took Jason abrod.
Meanwhile, Crane pusues a woman whose seemingly unconnected disappearance off the English coast is soon found to reveal a deadlier connection.  As the two investigators delve deeper, they find themselves mired in a violent world where terror and organised crime interesct.


I can’t wait to get started on both of these books.  I’m slightly behind in my reading, and my tbr pile is heaving with books😅🙈, but I’ll have reviews for these as soon as I can so please do look out for those. 🙂

Do you like the sound or look of these books?  What are you looking forward to reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂