Today I’d like to share a quick book haul post and show you another book which came in the post recently, this time from Puffin books! I was going to do a big children’s book haul from various publishers, as this book came a couple of weeks ago now, but a couple of the books I wanted to photograph still haven’t come yet so I thought I’d post these seperate book hauls over the weekend instead. 🙂

A huge thank you to Nina, and Puffin, for the chance to read this book and it’s one I’m really excited for, despite not having read the author’s previous work as this book features something special happening with animals which made me really interested in reading this! 🙂  This book is a standalone sequel to Wolf Hollow.  Let’s take a closer look…

August book haul Puffin close up of book
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My Own Lightning by Lauren Wolk – Several months have passed since a devastating event changed the lives of everyone in Wolf Hollow.
Annabelle is still trying to make sense of them when she is caught in a wild summer storm, and struck by lightning.  She wakes with a memory: a fist pounding on her heart, bringing her back to life.  But there is no sign of whoever saved her.
Her encounter leaves her with a strange and powerful connection with the animals around her.  And when several newcomers arrive in her life…as well as a figure from the past Annabelle must use this gift to discover the truth about them all.


I haven’t had the chance to read Wolf Hollow yet but this book was promised to work as a standalone and I find it interesting, the connection with the animals.  I can’t wait to read this and will be doing so after I’ve finished another children’s book.  So please let me know if you like the sound of this book, have read Wolf Hollow before or what you are looking forward to reading. 🙂

Do you like the sound of this book?  Have you read Wolf Hollow?  What are you currently reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂