Title: Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal
Author: Jane Simmons
Illustrator: Jane Simmons
Publisher: Graffeg
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  Flo and Mum are busy and bird is talking to the ducks, so Ebb sets off to find someone to play with.  Suddenly, she comes across a baby seal.  At last!  A friend!  But the baby seal is a long way from home, and it’s up to Ebb and the fammily to find its mother all the way on Seal Island.
An exciting rescue story about teamwork and friendship.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a lovely picture book with some really fun repetition!  Ebb wants to play with Flo so she woofs, but Flo is busy painting.  So Ebb goes to find bird, but bird is busy with the ducks.  Finally Ebb tries Mum and woofs, but mum is busy too.  Ebb can’t find anyone to play with her but soon she hears crying from the beach, and when she runs to find out who it is, she discovers a baby seal.  Ebb has found a new playmate!  Ebb and the baby seal spend al day together, but when it’s time to go home, the baby seal tries to follow Ebb.  Ebb wonders where the seals mother is, can Ebb find the baby seals mother before it’s too late?

Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal book page image one
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This is such a lovely picture book and another great instalment in the Ebb and Flo series.  I’ve really come to love Ebb, Flo and Bird, but especially Ebb the dog in these books, and this time she’s on the look out for someone to play with.  But with Flo, Bird and Mum busy, Ebb finds a baby seal to play with, and the two of them seem happy together, until it’s time for Ebb to go home.  The baby seal tries to follow Ebb and soon Ebb and the others are trying to find the baby seal’s mother.  I love this story and the fun repetition in all the sounds that Ebb and the others make.

The story is good, ending in a lovely and happy way, and it makes you smile too for all the silly sounds that Ebb and the seals end up making.  I love the many “Wahs”, “Hoos” and “Woofs” that keep sounding throughout the story, and the way this book just makes you want to read those words aloud, something I’m sure many children will enjoy doing.  The illustrations really add to the story too, showing such a happy Ebb and happy baby seal.  I love how the book is illustrated, with each picture or double picture looking like a lovely painting.  I love the simple way Ebb and Flo and the others are painted, but how expressive their faces are and how happy Ebb looks in most of the story.  The illustrations really add to the atmosphere too, this time reflecting the greys of the rainy day.

Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal book page image two
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Overall this is another great addition to the Ebb and Flo series and one I particularly enjoyed.  The fun repetitive sounds the animals make is so fun, and  I have to say I ended up laughing it was so fun to read aloud! 🙂  I’m sure many children will love to read Ebb’s latest adventure with the baby seal, and I’m sure many adults along with the kids will enjoy repeating the many sounds and words in the story too!

What do you think of this book?  Do you like baby seals?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂