Today I’m excited to share with you more books which have arrived from publisher Graffeg.  A huge thank you to them, and unfortunately for me I have a mad postman who thought it was clever to try and fold a picturebook on the spine to post in through the door!😧  So I hope it doesn’t show in these pictures but one of the paperbacks is a little bent on the spine.😢  All of these picture books look and sound amazing though and I can’t wait to read them all as some of these have been on my radar for some time and they look so beautiful! 🙂  Let’s take a closer look at what came and I’ll begin with the paperbacks…

September Book Haul Graffeg paperbacks
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Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls by Jane SimmonsEbb, Flo, Mum and Bird go for a picnic by the shore, but soon some greedy gulls swoop down to eat all the food and Ebb is blamed.  Ebb goes off to her favourite place and sulks, but when a storm blows in and it’s time to go home, Ebb is nowhere to be seen.
A reasssuring tale of friendship and forgiveness.

Molly and the Dolphins by Malachy Doyle & Adnrew Whitson – Molly’s fisherman father makes her a little dinghy and teaches her to sail.  Soon Molly is scudding over the waves, with a pod of dolphins leaping all around.
She helps the dolphins when one gets tangled up in a fishing net.  But what will happen when it’s Molly who needs help?
The dramatic and beautiful sixth book in this acclaimed series by an award-winning author/illustrator team sees young Molly take to the sea with joy, with confidence, and as always, with kindness.

And now for a couple of hardbacks…

September Book Haul Graffeg hardbacks
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Mounse & mole: Clink, Clank, Clunk! by joyce Dunbar & James Mayhew – Mole is full of worries; he worriese that their beloved motorbike might break down, so he takes it to bits to see how it works – just in case.  He worries that he might fall off the roof, so he climbs up a tree with Mouse to check it out – just in case.  Worst of all, he worries that a frisky fluttery ghost is coming to get him, so he hides under the bed clothes – just in case.
Luckily, kind, sensible Mouse is always around to make everything all right.

The Wish Gatherers by Karin Celestine & Tamsin RosewellThe year turns, harvest approaches, and the longer night skies fill with stars.  And sometimes, just sometimes, maybe once in a thousand lifetimes, the star you see when you look up is a Wishing Star, one that can hear a wish and make a dream come true.  But once its work is done, who is it that commpletes the cycle and returns it to the heavens?
One of a series of four seasonal stories based around British folklore.  Includes notes on harvest traditions by Pamela Thom-Rowe.

And now for the last hardback which came a little later so I photographed it seperately, and it’s a book I’m so excited about as I really adore this series…

September Book Haul Graffeg Fletcher
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Fletcher and the Stars by Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanee Beeke – As Fletcher looks up at the night sky, the stars flicker out one by one – and Badger is scared of the dark!  Fletcher has a plan to help the stars shine again, but as he and Badger race through the winter woods, they find it’s not easy to reach the starts… and help can come from unexpected places.
Join Fletcher and his friends as they reach for the sky in this sparkling story of friendship and discovery.


Don’t all of these books sound interesting?  I can’t wait to get reading and share reviews with you as all of these picture books look so lovely! 🙂  Let me know what you are reading this autmn. 🙂

What do you think of these books?  What books are you looking forward to reading?  Let me kow what you think in the comments below 🙂