Today I’m excited to share with you a book which I’ve been waiting a long time to arrive and I honestly didn’t think it would come as I was offered and told this book was sent a few weeks ago, but with the postal strikes delaying things, I think it got kind of lost for a long time. 😮  Finally though, at least two weeks after it was meant to be here it’s finally arrived and I’m so excited for this as I’m really into illustrated novels for children and teens right now! 🙂  A huge thank you to Laura for this wonderful hardback book.  Now, let’s see what came in the post…

September book haul Zephyr feature image
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Here is a photo of the book and the press release.  And now let’s take a closer look at the book itself and from the blurb maybe you can see why I’m so excited for this book 🙂 …

September book haul Zephyr close up of book
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Stone by Finbar Hawkins – When Sam, grieving the death of his father, finds a silver flecked stone, ice cold to the touch, strange and eerie things begin to happen.
Myth, legend, magic and witchcraft mingle on the ancient hillside where the chalk white horse has galloped for centuries.  Ravens wheel.  Wolves prowl.  As Halloween draws close, witches dance.  Odin gathers brave, fallen warriors to his side.
Only the musterious Oona can heal Sam’s heart, revealing tarot secrets with her bewitching ways.

Here is a look at the back of this book…

September book haul Zephyr close up of back of book
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There’s a quote at the back of the book: ‘I’m standing, moving through time and space, far away to where the White Horse leaps across the land.  I know what to do now.  My hand curves around the stone, the key that’s always been there. Find a witch, of course.’


Doesn’t this sound exciting?  I absolutely love anything to do with Norse mythology, so I’m really excited about this book.  It’s also got some amazing illustrations and I can’t wait to delve in and read this fascinating story.  A review will be up on the blog as soon as possible.  I have slightly overbooked myself on blog tours for October 😱😬 so I’m going to be reading like crazy to complete those books in time as well as this and others, so please do look out for a review coming soonish though I can’t guarantee a date yet. 🙂

Do you like the look and sound of this book?  Have you read anything by Finbar Hawkins before?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂