Tomorrow is the start of Inktober 2022, a month long event first started by artist Jake Parker in 2009 which encouraes artists from all over the world to get some blank ink pens and try to create whatever they’re inspired to using the prompts given.  I’ve taken part in this event for the last three years, managing about half of the month’s prompts each time and hopefully improving my drawing skills a little bit each time too though I’m really not sure if I am improving all that much!.  This year I will be once again trying my best to come up with some sort of illustrations and pictures for each prompt on the list (as many as I can manage) and maybe you’ll want to join me too?

Inktober mushrooms
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2021 day 20 ‘sprout’

I have to admit, I am a better artist with a pencil and rubber available (to rub out the countless mistakes) than I am with a ink pen only, and you can draw the design in pencil first if you prefer and then go over it in black ink, but for some reason with Inktober I personally am trying every year to draw straight onto the page in black ink, regardless of whether it ends up looking good or not, lol. 😅 I’ve got a selection of my most proud images from Inktobers past to show you in this post, and I hope you’ll want to join me in at least trying out to draw one or two pictures for Inktober this year.

Inktober snake
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2021 day 30 ‘slither’

The prompts for Inktober are different each year, but are all interesting and fun to try and draw for.  People come up with a lot of different interpretations for each prompt each year, and I love visiting the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2022 to see what people are creating.  I will be sharing my own illustrations on the day associated with each prompt (as many as I can do) on Instagram, so do check out my Instagram page and handle: @TStrawberryPost to see what I come up with, though be warned, I do sometimes post later in the day/in the evening if I couldn’t come up with anything during the day.

Inktober image cat sleeping
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2020 prompt ‘Sleep’

I’ll also be creaing a summary post of my Inktober 2022 creations here on the blog once the month is finished and if you are keen to try it out, here is the official website with the rules, which are so simple!

My Inktober horse
Inktober 2019 Prompt: ‘Ride’

Here are the prompts for this year’s event: Inktober 2022!  Do join in if you can, it will be so fun to know there are more people I know trying this out, it’s just a bit a fun but it can really boost your creativity, art skills and confidence as the support from fellow Inktober artists is amazing when you’ve shared your creations online! 🙂  …

Inktober 2022 prompts list
The Inktober 2022 prompt list ©

Let me know if you’re participating this year and wish me luck I can do more than half of the prompts ths year. 🙂

Are you taking part in Inktober 2022 this year?  Do you enjoy drawing or doing any form of art?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂