This week is dyslexia awareness week I wanted to highlight some amazing books which are available for dyslexic people to read. I don’t have dyslexia myself, but I have known people in my life who do, and back when I was at school in the 90s through to the early 2000s there wasn’t much support for anyone with the condition.  Because of this some kids I knew were made to feel like they were stupid.  But dyslexia doesn’t make anyone stupid, in fact some very smart people suffer from dyslexia but it can make reading daunting for those that have it.  Luckily today there are publishers out there who make books in a special way, with special dyslexia friendly fonts, larger than usual text, and other clever tricks which make these books especially easier to read for people with dyslexia and also some visual problems.

The two publishers I know of and who I have had the priviledge of reviewing for are Barrington Stoke and Books on the Hill.  Barrington Stoke have been publishing books for more than two decades for children of all ages up to teens.  And Books on the Hill is relatively new but publishes dyslexia friendly books for adult readers.  Both publishers care about those with dyslexia and want to make sure it’s never a barrier to enjoying reading, and so today I want to highlight some of the great books I’ve enjoyed reading, all of which are dyslexia friendly.  Click on the titles to see my full reviews. 🙂

5 Great dyslexia-friendly reads!

Sequin and Stitch by Laura Dockrill & Sara Ogilvie (Older children’s/middle grade)

Sequin and Stitch book cover

This is by far one of my favourite books ever!  Sequin is a girl who lives in a flat with her seamstress mum and younger brother Stitch who she takes care of while her mum sews.  Sequin loves her mum and believes she’s amazing even though some of the other girls at school are mean to her.  But Sequin concentrates on her mum and her brother who she cares for so much it’s beautiful to see.  But one day the family face a terrible disaster.  Sequin goes through an especially difficult moment but the way this resolves and the interesting twist at the end is really beautiful to see. 🙂

Birdsong by Katya Balen & Richard Johnson (Older children’s/middle grade)

Birdsong book cover

This beautiful story follows Annie who used to play the flute really well and could feel the music flow through her, but after a terrible car accident she hasn’t been able to play since, her hand unable to move the right way to play the instrument.  After Annie and her mum have to move to a flat away from their old home, Annie, who doesn’t feel like doing anything, is encouraged by her mum to go outside and take a look around.  While there she meets a boy Noah who ends up showing her a blackbirds nest.  Together the two keep an eye on the birds everyday as they nest and await the hatching of their chicks, everyday helping Annie to feel better.  The story has some beautiful emotional moments, both heart warming and heart breaking too.  A tragedy occurs but the story ends in a beautiful way with a happy ending for more than just Annie.

Grave Matter by Juno Dawson & Alex T. Smith (Teen/YA)

Grave Matter book cover

This is a brilliant and creepy read.  Teenager Samuel can’t move on ever since the car crash that killed his girlfriend Eliza.  He blames himself and after her funeral he has a strange dream which shows him the way to bring her back from the dead.  Samuel visits his aunt to see if her dabbling in hoodoo can help revive Eliza, but should he really be messing around with hoodoo and what happens if he does manage to succeed?  There are some dark twists and a very creepy vibe to this book.  It’s super spooky and I found it such a page turner too.  It’s brilliant with a great message at the end and a perfect read for the weeks leading up to Halloween. 🙂

Pride and Prejudice – A Retelling by Laura Wood (Teen/YA)

Pride and Prejudice A Retelling book cover

This is a wonderful retelling of the classic tale by Jane Austen.  Although her mother is keen to marry off all of her five daughters, Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t want to marry someone for convenience. During one ball she meets Mr Darcy who appears to be selfish, proud and rude about her. Elizabeth has no desire to ever marry him, and Mr Darcy doesn’t seem keen on the idea either, but after many encounters, could their first impressions of each other be wrong?  Although this is a retelling of the famous classic story, it contains all the important bits, still retains the humour and drama of the classic but is a much shorter read, and perfect for anyone to be able to  learn all about the Pride and Prejudice story without being faced with a massive book to read as is the original.

After the War: From Auschwitz to Ambleside by Tom Palmer (Older children’s/ middle grade)

After the War book cover

This amazing book follows friends Yossi, Mordecai and Leo who are among a group of children who arrive in the UK after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II.  Inspird by real events the children settle in a place called the Calgarth Estate near Lake Windermere in the summer of 1945 to recover from the ordeals they had living in concentration camps and jewish ghettos.  The children’s reactions to simple things like free food being served at mealtimes is drastic with things like children stealing food in case they won’t get it later being seen.  The children struggle to adjust to their new free life and Yossi is haunted by what happened to his family.  Despite everything though there is a good ending and this is a powerful story which can help children understand what happened in the past with some great extra photos and info on the real life Windemere Boys at the end of the book.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of some of my favourite dyslexia friendly reads.  Of course there are so many others you can see on this blog and also coming up in posts later this week.  Most of the posts for the rest of this week (bar a couple of days) will feature more dyslexia friendly books so please do look out for them, there’s some great titles and each of these books is especially made to be enjoyed by those that have dyslexia ( or are reluctant readers), so if you know of anyone especially any young ones with the condition, let them know there are some amazing books out there that they can enjoy. 🙂

What do you think of the books listed here?  Do you know anyone with dyslexia?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂