Spooky things can happen to people all year around, but when it comes to Halloween it seems some kind of veil is lifted and strange creatures seem to walk among us.  In today’s post I want to share with you three strange cases of some weird dogs I or my family have seen in the night time, with these cases taking place during Halloween nights.  These are all real occurances although explaining what these ‘dogs’ were doing or what they really are is another matter…

Ghost dog on the prowl

Only days after moving into the house where I now live it was getting dark on my way back from the bus.  i was returning from a train journey and caught the bus which stops quite close to my home, but the area I live is filled with various winding steets, an uphill climb and cul de sacs all around and so getting home to my front door took me about half an hour walking.  I exited a public footpath and joined the street which is just around the corner from my road and hadn’t walked too far when I suddenly spotted a white dog walking on the other side of the street parallel to me.  There are lots of dead ends in the area where I live, mini cul de sacs everywhere and the place where the dog had just emerged from couldn’t have been from any of the roads nearby as it seemed to have come from behind me where I had just been, and the only thing there was the public footpath.

As I continued to walk along the road this dog kept pace with me, walking in the same direction but never turning to look at me.  By now I was feeling a bit creeped out as there was this big white dog, something a cross betweene a golden retriever and something else and although there were a few people around, standing near a car, none of them seemed to have noticed the dog walking right past them.   The dog continued to walk down the pavement, never turning its head until it turned into one street, a dead end and continued up until I couldn’t see it anymore.  It wasn’t wearing any collar, it didn’t have an owner nearby, in fact that street was completely empty apart from me standing at the crossing to the road i had just been on.

I’ve never seen the dog again and have since asked around if anybody in the area owns or knows of a large white dog. that could have been about on Halloween night.  But despite my best efforts and lots of asking around it seems nobody has ever seen it and the only pets in the area are very small dogs and cats.  To this day I have never seen this white dog again and while you may think it’s just a simple sighting of somebody’s pet, there was something eerie about the way this dog walked with purpose, keeping pace with me on the other side of the street but never looking, and then turned so determindly into the next road and disappearing into the distance without anyone except me ever seeing it.

The dressed up gentlehound

One Halloween back when my family and I lived deeper in Kent someone in my family went out one Halloween night to the local supermarket.  Earlier in the day there had been the odd trick or treater on the street dressed up in their Hallowen outfits, but by the late hours of the night, coming towards ten o’clock onwards at night, the trick or treaters were well and truly gone and apart from the odd pub goer (we used to live not far from a pub) there weren’t any people about at all.

The place we used to live did have some alleyways though and it wasn’t long on the journey to the shops when out from one alleyway emerged a dog.  This was one of those smaller dogs walking along the street all dressed up for the night.  Now, a dog wearing a coat during a late October night isn’t strange, but this dog wasn’t wearing a coat, he was wearing a full on suit complete with hat.  The dog didn’t have any owner, in fact my family member who was out during this shopping trip even checked and looked back for an owner to appear before continuing down a road with this dog walking in front of them.

It continued down the street before disappearing into another alleyway, still with no owner in sight anywhere.  Ok, so this might seem like a dog dressed up for Halloween and who lost his owner, but my family member was freaking out after seeing this because they looked for an owner and even asked around later, but nobody seemed to have a small dog, and especially not one that was out alone late on Halloween night.  So was it a dog that emerged from an alleyway, or was it some kind of dog-like creature?

The dire dog/wolf

On this same eventful trip to the shops, my family member soon reached a big A road crossing which would lead them to the supermarket.  It was late but we desperately needed something from the shop and there wasn’t a car available to drive at that time, but the supermarket wasn’t far from home so there was no harm in walking on foot in the late night on Halloween, right?  Well, this turned out to be a scary trip indeed as when they reached the crossing they had to wait for the traffic to stop and while they waited their gaze drifted to their right, up the road.  A few metres up the road, before the view of the road dosappears to the right there was a railway bridge which crossed the road with an arch at its base.  Huddled next to this bridge arch seemed to be the biggest dog they’d ever seen.

As the pedestrian lights continued to be red this member of my family continued to watch as this dark dog-like creature began to lope towards her from across the road.  It was still some distance away but it started walking fast.  In a panic she decided to cross the road before the traffic stopped, taking a chance to rush across in gaps of traffic and hurry to the other side of the road where the supermarket doors lay open ready to greet her.  She made it safely in, taking one look back as she saw the huge creature disappear into the shadows from across the road.

She spent a long time in the shop that night, only leaving back on foot when she saw others heading in the same direction on foot too.  Now, I grilled and grilled her on this event and even went back to the location she saw this strange dog creature, and I’m not kidding, this thing to be standing at the height she saw it to the railway bridge had to have been huge, much bigger than a dog or a wolf and the only thing that comes to mind is a dire wolf or some kid of werewolf-type creature, it was that huge and scary!

What are these dogs?

So what are these dog-like creatures and why do they seem to appear around Halloween especially?  Some of these instances could be explained away as just a pet dog in the area, especially in the case of the first two, if you believe it was just a random dog walking the streets at night without an owner.  But I have no doubt that all of these occurances of dogs sighted on Halloween are some sort of spooky creatures, dog-like yes, but maybe not quite the dogs we are used to.  Either they are ghostly dogs, or strange dog-like creatures from another plane of existence, but whatever they are it’s clear that during Halloween night, when the veil is thinnest, these strange creatures stir and come into our world!  Happy Halloween!

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Have you ever had a spooky encounter with strange dogs?  Have you experienced any strange happenings on Halloween?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂