Title: Edie and the Flits in Paris (Edie and the Flits #2)
Author: Kate Wilkinson
Illustrator: Joe Berger
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Genre: Older children’s/middle grade fiction, Fantasy
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  Edie and Naz were looking forward to an exciting trip to Paris – until Naz’s annoying little sister tagged along, and smuggled some precious flits with her!  Keeping their thumbsized friends safe in London was hard enough, but in Pairs?  C’est terrible!
Then they encounter Monsieur Rottier, a collector creating theatrical scenes featuring miniature people in glass domes.  Miniature people who look incredibly lifelike…
Can Edie and her friends help the French flits before it’s too late?

*Free copy provided by author for review…

Review:  Aw, what a wonderful magical story that’s made me quite emotional after reading it.  Edie’s dad is heading to France during the half term to meet the head of the Lost Property Office in Paris.  He brings along Edie and her friend Naz with him too, and because Naz is supposed to be looking after her little sister during the half term, she’s also coming along.  But after visiting the Flits camp in London before they leave, Naz’s sister Sami has sneaked in a young flit called Pea along for the journey, as well as Nid and Impy.  Now Edie and Naz have to look after her three flit friends while also keeping Sami safe and stopping her from revealing the flits to strangers.

Edie and the Flits in Paris book page image one
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This is such a brilliant story taking place this time on the Paris Metro instead of the London Underground like the first book did.  Edie and Naz soon discover what Sami has done once they arrive in Paris and they soon find a friend in a young boy called Fabien who spends his time in the Parisian Lost Property Office.  While Naz and Sami are trusting of Fabian from the start, Edie is more wary of him.  Soon it becomes clear there are flits in Paris too, although something bad seems to be happening to some of them.  I like what happens in this story and how different the Parisian flits are with their miniature motorcycles and bicycles.

Edie and the Flits in Paris book page image two
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While at first Edie and the others are enjoying the sights of Paris, they soon meet a Mr Victor Rottier who specialises in creating small scenes in glass domes.  I like what happens when Fabien leads them to Victor Rottier’s shop to give back a butterfly in a glass dome which Rottier has lost, and how Rottier later ends up showing them some interesting glass domes with very life-like people seen inside.  I won’t give away what happens but it’s a really exciting story with so much happening to both the humans and the flits.

The story is so good I was glued to the pages throughout and I like the fact we see a return of what seems to be one non-human, non-flit character in the story too and what ends up happening with him later on too.  The setting of the Paris Metro is an exciting one, especially as I haven’t seen the metro myself yet and am fascinated by the strangely designed stations mentioned in the story.  As the tale moves on, it becomes clear that some French flits need the help of Edie and her friends, and this becomes such a brilliant and exciting story with so many things happening and leading up to a fantastic and dramatic ending.

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There are illustrations throughout the book on certain pages, either among the text or taking a whole page.  I love these pictures all in black, white and grey.  They really make this book so much more fun to read, showing such lovely details such as the French flits on their bicycles, and I love the images of Pigalle, especially near the ending.  The story wraps up well with a satisfying end although if I’m honest I was feeling a little sad at the end too considering what is happening to one character in the last pages.  It’s written in a lovely way though, a magical and special ending, making the sad moment seem so special and I love that last scene in the story too and that last illustration making the tale wrap up so nicely at the end.  I do wish there were more stories in this series, even if the title might have to change a little, I could imagine so many adventures for the flits in various underground places around the world.  It’s such a lovely series with these two books though and this particular book is such a lovely tale, and I know I will be thinking of flits every time I visit any underground stations or walk past any drains!

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The book has more at the end of it, there are some extra facts about the London and Paris undergrounds as well as some information on the author and illustrator which was written in a fun way.  There is also something for children to make to feel closer to the flits which I really like as I remember trying to make something similar when I was younger.  While I’m talking about this book I want to point out how lovely this front cover is too with beautiful shiny copper coloured details throughout the whole cover and so many things to spot which appear in the story too.  Overall this is such a lovely book.  I didn’t want the tale to end and I hope there will one day be more magical stories from this author whether flit-related or not.  This book  can be read as a standalone but it is much more fun to read the first book in the series ‘ Edie and the Box of Flits’ first as you find out more about Impy and Nid and how Edie came to know the little creatures.  A lovely book and series and one I really recommend!

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