Today I have yet more books to share with you, this time all of them coming from Head of Zeus’s imprint Aries fiction! 🙂  There are three historical fiction books and one crime thriller and I can’t wait to read all of these. 🙂  A huge thank you to Andrew from for all of these books, some of which are for blog tours while others aren’t, but they are all out already or soon to be released so let’s see what came in the post, starting with the thriller…

November book haul Aries close up of The Patient
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The Patient by Tim Sullivan – No fingerprints.  No weapon.  No witnesses.  Can DS Cross prove it was murder?
DS George Cross can be rude, difficult, and awkward with people, but there’s no denying his conviction rate is the best on the force.  Now, this unusual detective is met with an even more unusual case.
When a young woman is found dead, the Bristol Crime unit rules suicide: the woman had a long history of drug abuse.  But her mother is convinced it was murder: her daughter was in a new therapy programme and had been clean for years.
DS Cross is deternined to defy his bosses and re-open the investigation, even if it costs him his career.  Soon he is mired in a labyrinth of potential suspects.  can he solve the case before his superiors shut it down for good?

And now onto the first of the historical novels and this is a sequel to Oath Bound which I really enjoyed reading for a blog tour earlier this year.  This comes from The Wolf of Kings series and so far Oath Bound was one of my favourite books of the year so I have high hopes for this one being good too!…

November book haul Aries close up of Shield Breaker
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Shield Breaker by Richard Cullen – England, 1068: A land gripped in the iron first of Frankish invaders.
But the Conqueror does not sit easily on his fledgling throne.  Rebellion is rife, and the flames of uprising have been ignited in every corner of the kingdom.
Thrown back into the crucible is Styrkar the Dane, former housecarl of the slain King Harold.  Forced to travel to Ireland by his deadliest enemy, he must risk the fates of his brothers-in-arms in order to protect the one thing he loves.
So begins a journey that will take Styrkar to the royal court of Dublin, and the frigid climes of the north of England, for loyalty, love and vengeance.  He will be tested, beaten and broken, but can any man keep the Red Wolf chained for long?

And now onto another sequel in a series, this time a series that has been going on for a while but which I’ve only read the eighth book of, The Bernicia Chronicles.  The book I read last year is called For Lord and Land and was so good that I can’t wait to read this ninth book in the series…

November book haul Aries close up of Forest of Foes
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Forest of Foes by Matthew Harffy – AD 652, Frankia.
Beobrand has been ordered to lead a group of pilgrims to the holy city of Rome.  Chief among them is Wilfrid, a novice of the church with some surprisingly important connections.  Taking only Cynan and some of his best men, Beobrand hopes to make the journey through Frankia quickly and return to Northumbria without delay, though the road is long and perilous.
But where Beobrand treads, menace is never far behind.  The lands of the Merovingian kings are rife with intrigue.  The queen of Frankia is unpopular and her ambitious scemes have made her powerful enemies.  Soon Wilfrid, and Beobrand, are caught up in sinister plans against the royal house.
After interrupting a brutal ambush in a forest, Beobrand and his trusted gesithas find their lives on the line.  Dark forces will stop at nothing to seize control of the Frankish throne, and Beobrand is thrown into a deadly race for survival through foreign lands where he cannot be sure who is friend and who is foe.
The only certainty is that if he is to save his men, thwart the plots, and unmask his enemies, blood will flow.

And finally onto the last historical novel which was part of a proof giveaway which I won. 🙂  This book is already published by I can’t wait to read this as it’s by one of my favourite historians.  First here’s the front of the proof copy, see if you can guess what books it is…

November book haul Aries close up of Essex Dogs proof front cover
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And now here’s the back cover which shows you the final cover of the book as well…

November book haul Aries close up of Essex Dogs proof back cover
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Essex Dogs by Dan Jones – July 1346. The Hundred Years’ War has begun, and King Edward and his lords are on the march through France.  But this war belongs to the men on the ground.
Swept up in the bloody chaos, a tight-knit company from Essex myst stay alive long enough to see their home again.  With sword, mace and longbow, the Essex Dogs will fight, from the landing beaches of Normandy to the bloodsoaked field of Crécy.
There’s Pismore, small enough to infiltrate enemy camps.  Scotsman, strong enough to tear down a wall.  Millstone, a stomemason who’ll do anything to protect his men.  Father, a priest turned devilish by the horrors of war.  Romford, a talented young archer on the run from his past.  And Loveday Fitztalbot, their battle-scarred captain, who just wants to get his boys home safe.
Some men fight for glory.  Others fight for coin.
The Essex dogs?  They fight for each other.


What do you think of this haul.  The Patient is part of the DS Cross blog tour which I’m taking part in on the 21st November although given some other blog tours I’m taking part in I don’t actually have time to read The Patient in time for my stop so I’ll be sharing an extract on that day of the author’s most recent book The Politican with a view to reading and reviewing The Patient as soon as possible.  Forst of Foes is also a book for a blog tour though as of yet I have no idea when my stop will be.  I only know it’s in December and that’s when the book is published too, on the 8th December 2022.  I hope you’ll look out for my stops on the tours as well as reviews of the other books as soon as I’m able to get them done.  I’m gonig to be very busy this Christmas period, and the run up to it, reading! 😀

Do you like the look and sound of any of the books in this haul?  What are you currently reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂