Today I’m excited to share with you two books which have arrived from Head of Zeus’s imprint Aria.  A huge thank you to Amy once again for these two books.  I already thanked Amy for the beautiful book haul I got of The Weather Woman which I showed off just over a week ago, and now I have two more books I’m excited about, one of these is for a blog tour happening at the end of the month! 😀  So, let’s see what came in the post…

November book haul Aria feature image
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Here you can see both books which came, and both of of these look and sound really good to me.  Let’s see a closer image of  these and find out more i nthe blurbs…

November book haul Aria close up of A Bumpy Year
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A Bumpy Year by Olivia SpoonerPregnant.  Single.  Dating.  It’s going to be…a bumpy year!
Trish Kirkpatrick never suspected to find herself unmarried, pregnant and…not entirely sure who the baby’s father is.
With her ex, Pete, and her colleague, Elliot, waiting on the DNA results, Trish finds her complicated world getting even more chaotic when meeting gorgeous architect Scott on a plane to Tokyo sparts a new flame.
As both her bump and her troubles grow, can Trish sort through the chaos and decide who she wants to become – with or without a man by her side?

Now onto the next book and in fact this is the actual front cover…

November book haul Aria close up of No Life for a Lady front cover
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You can see it says ‘Violet Hamilton is a woman who knows her own mind.  Which, in 1836, can make life a little complicated…’ plus two brilliant endorsments of the book and I love the seagull on the front cover flying away with her hat.  Now let’s take a look at the back cover which features the actual cover images and title which will probably be on the final books…

November book haul Aria close up of No Life for a Lady back cover
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No Life for a Lady by Hannah Dolby – Violet Hamilton is a woman who knows her own mind.  Which, in 1836, can make life a little complicated…
At 28, Violet’s father is beginning to worry she will never find a husband.  But every suitor he presents, Violet finds a new and inventive means of rebuffing.
Because Violet does not want to marry.  She wants to work, and make her own way in the world.  But more than anything, she wants to find her mother Lily, who disappered from Hastings Pier 10 years earlier.
Finding the missing is no job for a lady, but when Violet hires a seaside detective to help, she sets off a chain of events that will put more than just her reputation at risk.
Can Violet solve the mystery of Lily Hamilton’s vanishing before it’s too late?

I do love this cover, the fact she’s in a dress and standing almost knee deep in the water is what drew me to this book from the start!  One more thing to show you, here is the spine of this proof copy.  I do love it when proof copies have details like this…

November book haul Aria close up of No Life for a Lady spine
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As you can see it says ‘The most joyful book of 2023!’ and I can’t wait to start reading this and see if that’s a true statement (I’m sure it is!) 😀  In fact I can’t wait to start reading both of these books and will definitely be sharing my review for A Bumpy Year on my stop on a blog tour on the 29th November, so please do look out for that coming up later this month.  And I’ll be reviewing No Life for a Lady closer to its release date. 🙂

Do you like the sound or look of either of these books?  What are you currently reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂