Today I’m excited to share with you some beautiful book post which came just before my bithday (on the 13th November) so it felt a little like a bithday present. 🙂  This beautiful book isn’t out until February of next year (2023) and I’ll be sharing a review of it a little closer to publication date, but I wanted to show it off to you now as it sounds like such a good book and just look at how it was presented when it was sent to me! 😍  A huge thank you to the publisher for this lovely book mail. 🙂 Let’s see what came in the post…

November book haul David Fickling Books feature image
©The Strawberry Post

Doesn’t this book look so beautifully wrapped together with some papers, a gold and white string and a tag addressed to me. 🙂  Let’s take a closer look at everything that came…

November book haul David Fickling Books book with press release and author letter
©The Strawberry Post

Here you can see the book proof, an author letter on the left and a press release on the right.  The tag is sitting just above the book in this picture. 🙂

The tag is addressed to me personally ‘Cat Strawberry @ The Strawberry Post’, which I find so lovely, and they’ve even drawn a little strawberry on the tag! 😀 🤩 …

November book haul David Fickling Books tag addressed to me
©The Strawberry Post

And here is the other side of this tag which as you can see is signed by the author Gill Lewis with the words ‘Enjoy the adventure’ written above it!  How exciting. 🙂

November book haul David Fickling Books tag signed by author
©The Strawberry Post

And now here is the book which I’m so excited to read…

November book haul David Fickling Books close up of Moon Flight
©The Strawberry Post

Moon Flight by Gill Lewis – Welcome to the Dockland Rats who live along the Thames.  And welcome to one rat in particular, Tilbury.
Tilbury is about to go on the adventure of a lifetime, journeying across the sea to the realm of the dreaded White Death, to return a priceless diamond to its rightful owners.  It’s a story of bravery, hope, and taking that first step into the unknown.  But it’s also a story about so much more – it’s about generosity and greed, honesty and deceit.  It’s ultimately a story about finding what really matters and finding truth – all crafted by one of this generation’s leading storytellers, and lavishly illustrated throughout by Pippa Curnick.


Doesn’t this book sound interesting?  I can’t wait to begin reading it, I have loved reading several books by Gill Lewis, all featuring animals, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Tilbury and the Dockland Rats. 🙂  Do look out for a review coming in the new year and in the meantime let me know if you’ve read any books by the author?

Do you like the look or sound of this book?  Do you like books featuring animals?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂