Today I wanted to share with you some very special book post that came from HarperCollins Children’s Books!  I’ve already taken part in the blog tour for this brilliant book which was run by The Write Reads back in October where I received a proof copy, but I’ve been given an extra special chance to interview the author too and to get a copy of the final finished copy of the book and I’m going to share some picture of it with you below.  A huge thank you to Camilla for a copy of this book.  Please do look out for an interview with the author of this, The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair, Natasha Hastings, which will appear on the blog this Friday coming! 😀  In the meantime I’ve updated my review adding some of these new pictures of the illustrations while commenting on them too, so if you want to check out my newly updated review of this brilliant book here is the link.  But for now let’s take a closer look at just how beautiful a book this is and how lovely it would be to give this to someone as a gift at Christmas! 🙂  First a look at the front cover ….

The Miraculous Sweetmakers feature image
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And now here’s a close up of the cover, just look at all that pretty golden details! …

The Miraculous Sweetmakers front cover
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The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair by Natasha HastingsIt’s a cold winter during the Great Frost of 1683.  Thomasina and Anne are the best of friends – one running her father’s sweet shop and the other an apprentice at the family apothecary.  Together, they sell their goods on the frozen River Thames.
When a family tragedy turns Thomasina’s world upside down, she is drawn to a mysterious conjuror and the enchanted frost fair…but soon the world of Father Winter threatens to claim everything she holds dear.
Will they be able to solve the magical mysteries that surround them…?

Now here’s a look at the back cover and here is the quote on the back – “Tonight…is the first night of the Other Frost Fair.”
“The Other Frost Fair?” Thomasina said. “What’s that?”
“A magical Frost Fair, unlike anything you’ll see in the daylight…”

The Miraculous Sweetmakers back cover
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And now let’s take a look at what this book looks like under the dust jacket and not only is the book a lovely red colour but there’s a beautiful snowflake detail on the front too…

The Miraculous Sweetmakers front cover under the dust jacket
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Can you see the beautiful silvery snowflake?  Just lovely! 🙂  And finally a quick look at the spine with it’s more shiny golden loveliness! 😀 …

The Miraculous Sweetmakers spine
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There are lots of illustrations throughout this finished copy of the book too, below are a few of them which I’ve since added to my review post and added my comments on them too! 🙂 …

The Miraculous Sweetmakers book page image four
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As you can see some of the pictures appear among the text while others take up a whole page and spill onto the following side too…

The Miraculous Sweetmakers book page image six
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And now for one of my favourite images, this one of a beautiful but scary ooking frosty creature…

The Miraculous Sweetmakers book page image five
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Doesn’t this book look like a lovely book to give as a gift especialy at Christmastime? 🙂  Do please check out my review of this book on the blog by clicking here and please look out for an interview with Natasha Hastings, the author of this brilliant novel, on Friday! 😀

Do you like the look of this book?  Do you like to read wintery themed stories near Christmas time?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂