Today I want to welcome you to the first ever Christmas Book Gift Guide I’ve ever done on this blog! 🙂  I realise this post is coming a little later than most, but there are still several days to go before Christmas and if you are looking for a last minute book to get someone for Christmas then I’d like to recommend some in this post.  This guide will be split into sections with differet genres and age groups and I’m sure you’ll find something to interest everyone.  Although most of the following books are ones I’ve read and thoroughly recommend, I’m also going to include a few titles I’ve received but haven’t had the chance to fully read yet, however many of these deserve a shout out so I hope you will enjoy this last minute Christmas Book gift guide. 🙂  All of the books below have been published this year, or the latest edition has been published this year if it’s a series and please note that if a book title has a link, then you can click on it to read my full review. 🙂

Let’s begin with books for adult reading age, separated into genres and then YA and finally children’s.  You can skip ahead to these sections using the following links:

Books for Adults


A Christmas Wish: A collection of heart-warming short stories by Suzanne Rogerson (published by author)

A Christmas wish book cover

For those of you that love Christmas stories at this time of year A Christmas Wish by Suzanne Rogerson is a lovely looking collection of short stories and is bound to make everyone smile this Christmas.  While I haven’t had the chance to read the whole collection yet, I know the author’s work from previous short story collections (and novels) and this one promises to be filled with happy and heart-warming tales.  Inside are a small collection of tales including an extended version of one story I’ve already read in the Love, Loss and Lie in Between collection of short stories called Not Just for Christmas.  This tale features a dog, and along with other festive feel-good stories promises to be a collection worth reading.  Look out for a review of this coming later this week. 🙂


Santa Maybe by Mary Jayne Baker (published by Head of Zeus – Aria imprint)

Santa Maybe book cover

Santa Maybe by Mary Jayne Baker is a wonderful festive romance where Elodie Martin is the owner of Martin’s Toy Store which is just managing to stay afloat despite the very successful department store taking a lot of their business over the years.  But one thing Martin’s has every year that the department store doesn’t is the famous and much loved grotto featuring Elodie’s father as the very believable Santa which pales in comparison to Ashley’s department store Santa.  However after Elodie’s father has a stroke he is unable to be the toy shop’s Santa anymore and Elodie has to find someone else to take the role.  With no-one applying for the position other than Nick Winter who is too young and skinny to play the role, Elodie has no choice but to hire him and try to outdo her rival and nemesis since school, Callum Ashley of Ashley’s department store.  This festive romance is filled with some lovely twists and interesting things happening.  It’s one of those wonderul stories where you know how you want it to go, then worry it won’t, but ultimately it has the most wonderful and perfect ending.

Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan (published by HQ)

Snowed in for Christmas book cover

Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan is a lovely and very Christmassy book where our main protagonist Lucy, who works in marketing, must secure the business of Ross Miller the owner of the very successful Miller Active before Christmas.  In order to make sure her company’s marketing offer is seen before any other clients get involved, Lucy decides to deliver her proposal to Ross personally in Scotland just days before Christmas where he will be spending the holiday with his family.  However, when she finally arrives, his family mistake her to be Ross’s new girlfriend.  They welcome her into their home and begin to fuss over her, and before the mix up is fixed it begins to snow heavily, in fact so heavily that Lucy is stuck spending the Christmas holiday, it seems, with Ross Miller’s family, which wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t want her there, and the other Miller siblings weren’t also keeping secrets.  It’s a wonderful story with such a feel-good and happy ending that you’ll be smiling so much after reading this!

Christmas Eve at Cranberry Cross by Kate Forster (published by Head of Zeus – Aria imprint)

Christmas Eve at Cranberry Cross book cover

Christmas Eve at Cranberry Cross by Kate Forster sounds like another magical read though I have yet to have the opportunity to read it though I have been given a copy by the publisher.  Eve Pilkins loves Christmas but when her boss hits her with a huge deadline on Christmas Day it looks like her favourite time of year might be cancelled.  Armed with as much enthusiasm as she can muster she travels to the coldest part of England to ensure that brooding author Edward Priest finishes his latest novel on time.  But the festive spirit at Cranberry Cross is lacking, with no festive lighting and it seems like only a Christmas miracle can save this place. This is the rough blurb of this book and I can’t wait to get stuck in as I love a book about welcoming in the festive spirit!  Look out for a review coming on the blog.

Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen Rolfe (published by Boldwood Books)

Christmas at the Little Knitting Box book cover

Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen Rolfe is another book I got recently from the publisher but have yet to read it.  It was originally a part of a read-along that happened last week, but I just didn’t have the time to take part.  In this story the Little Knitting Box has been in Cleo’s family for nearly four decades and Cleo’s to manage for four years, ever since she arrived in New York from the Cotswold.  But a letter in the post tips her world upside down and threatens Cleo’s second chance.  Meanwhile Dylan has had a tumultuous few years after his marriage broke down and his mother passed away he’s been trying to pick up the pieces as a stay-at-home dad.  He just wants this Christmas to give his kids the home and stability they need, but when he meets Cleo he beings to see it’s not always so easy to move on especially when his ex wants to win him back.  With the snow falling both Cleo and Dylan realise life isn’t black and white and both have choices to make.  Will Dylan follow his heart of his head and will Cleo ever allow herself to be part of another family when her own fell apart at the seams?  The story sounds like the perfect Christmas read and I’ll have a review for it on the blog as soon as I’m able.


The Witch and the Tsar by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore (published by Harper Voyager)

The Witch and the Tsar book cover

The Witch and the Tsar by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore is an interesting twist to the usual stories you hear about the Russian Baba Yaga and has just become my current read! 🙂  Yaga lives in the forest in sixteenth century Russia, tending to all who need her for her healing wisdom and her potions.  While she’s been alone for centuries with only her animals for company, when Tsaritsa Anastasia, the wife of Ivan Vasilyevich (soon to become Ivan the terrible) shows up at yaga’s cottage on the brink of death, Yaga is compelled to visit Moscow to keep her safe.  However as Yaga makes the journey through to the heart of the country, she sees it’s on the brink of chaos, and the soon to be Ivan the Terrible is growing more and more tyrannical by the day.  But what Yaga doesn’t know is that Ivan is being controlled by forces far older and more powerful than anything anyone can imagine.  This has just become my current read and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far, though I’ve only read a few pages.  A review will be up during these Christmas holidays so please do look out for that coming soon on the blog. 🙂

The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles by M J Porter (published by Boldwood Books)

The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles book covers

This series has had three releases this year!  Beginning with the first book Son of Mercia by M J Porter and book two Wolf of Mercia and book three Warrior of Mercia this is a promising series set in early medieval times when England was still spilit into different kingdoms.  Taking place in the kingdom of Mercia, this series follows young Icel who initially begins the first book as a child whose mother is dead and whose only family still alive is his uncle, and no knowledge of who his father ever is/was.  Spending his days learning how to be a healer, Icel is soon made to leave Tamworth, the capital of the kingdom, as his uncle fears for Icel’s safety after the king dies.  However after some time Icel and his uncle must return to the current king and though Icel never wants to, he’s forced to swaer an oath to the king and become one of his warriors.  Although Icel never wanted to be a warrior, through the adventures he has, he proves himself itme and again as he grows as a person and warrior, but will Icel ever find out who his father is and what will happen when he’s destined to be more than a warrior?  The entire series is brilliant, with Icel being a character that’s easy to like.  I would recommend these books to anyone who loves early medieval historical fiction.

The Winter Garden Nicola Cornick (published by HQ)

The Winter Garden book cover

The Winter Garden by Nicola Cornick is a dual timeline story set in the present day and is one I still have to read.  In the present day, when musician Lucy’s dreams are shattered she takes refuge in the family’s ancestral home in Oxfordshire, the home of the famous gunpowder conspiritor Robert Catesby.  While she wanders the grounds and garden of the old house she sees visions of a terrified woman in Tudor dress.  In 1605 the story follows Anne Catesby, the mother of the darkly charismatic Robert whose plans to kill the king put his wife and child in danger.  Anne faces a terrible decision to risk losing her family or betray her son.  As someone who loves this time period I can’t wait to hear about it from the point of view of Catesby’s mother.  It sounds like a wonderful historical dual timeline novel and do look out for a review coming on the blog.

Science fiction

A Clockwork River by J S Emery (pubished by Head of Zeus – AdAstra imprint)

A Clockwork River paperback cover

A Clockwork River by J S Emery is a brilliant hydropunk novel set in the town of Lower Rhumbsford.  Marked as the first every hydropunk novel (think steampunk but with water power instead of coal) the new paperback edition of this epic novel came out this year and it’s one of those books that you will either love reading or perhaps struggle to get into.  I’ll admit the writing style is different, there is a clear narrator whose descriptions of everything tale some time to get used to, but the story is so wondrful, funny and brilliantly immersive, with the narrator almost being a separate character along with the rest of the cast.  A lot happens in the story but it’s a really great read and one that I would recommend, especially if you like books set in a Victorian sort of age and featuring some interesting, silly and epic adventures for those involved.


Equinox by David Towsey (pubished by Head of Zeus – AdAstra imprint)

Equinox book cover

Equinox by David Towsey is an amazing read about day and night brothers, two souls who share the same body.  Christophor,  a special inspector and night brother, has been called to the city prison to investigate what seems to be some supernatural activity.  A prisoner has scraped their eyes out of their sockets and what he finds are teeth growing in their place.  He must investigate where this strange dark magic has some from and has to travel to the town of Drekenford, but with his day brother Alexsander getting in the way, Christophor sruggles with his investigation.  This is such a fascinating and gripping read with everyone in the world experiencing the life of either a day or night brother or sister.  Everyone has another soul inhabiting their body, only lives during the day or the night, and it makes this story really interesting especially as we see the view switch to the day brother in the second half of the book!

The Hanged God trilogy by Thilde Kold Holt (published by Solaris)

The Hanged God trilogy book covers

The Hanged God series by Thilde Kold Holt is amazing.  I have yet to read the third book in the series but the first two books Northern Wrath and Shackled Fates are both amazing with the third, Slaughtered Gods, promising to be an epic read too.  In this series the action takes place at a time when more and more people are losing the old ways and beliefs in the Norse gods as Christianity takes hold in the north.  The people of the village of Ash-hill hold onto their old beliefs, but after an invasion by Christians leaves the village devastated by slaughter, the warriors who were away, vow to take revenge.  Meanwhile the village’s skald who has since died, hasn’t been promised the afterlife in Helheim that he expected and instead is stuck somewhere in darkness where he can seems to be able to watch the future events of the Norse gods at the time of Ragnarok.  The series has so much going on, with the second book being even better than the first with us seeing more about the Norse gods, the life they are living and the worlds of Jotunheim (the land of giants), Asgard and more!


They Lie Here by N S Ford (publisehd by author)

They Lie Here book cover

They Lie Here is the second book by from author N S Ford, and is another book with an interesting corss genres twist.  I know the author’s work from her first book We Watch You which was a brilliant thriller with a speculative twist, and perfect for anyone who likes a bit of a weird sci fi twist in their stories.  They Lie Here is another thriller/mystery with a scifi twist and one I haven’t had the chance to read yet but which I’m really looking forward to reading very soon.  Kat Green has made a career out of tracking down reclusive former celebrities. When she moves to the quaint English city of Waelminster, she’s on the trail of enigmatic pop star Roskoe Darke, of the band Scorpio Hearts. He hasn’t been heard of since 1985, but she’s confident she’ll find him. However, as the clues become more bizarre and sinister, Kat has to confront the darkness of her own past. Who can she trust when everyone is hiding the truth?  It does sound like an interesting read and a perfect one for those who loves books with interesting twists.  Look out for a review to come on the blog.


Secrets of Video Game Consoles by Michael Hart (published by Pen & Sword – White Owl imprint)

Secrets of Video Game Consoles book cover

Secrets of Video Game Consoles by Michael Hart is the perfect book to give to any gamer enthusiasts especially those who are interested in the consoles of old.  Charting the history of video game consoles brginning with the Magnavox Odyssey in the 1970s through to the modern day and the Nintendo Switch this book features consoles in a chronological order, following their release and along with pictures of the consoles, peripherals and a few other things like packaging, manuals and games, there are interesting facts all about what made each console unique and different from its predecessors.  It’s amazing how this book helps you to understand some of the hardware behind the consoles too and why some were harder to program for than others and some other interesting facts about the famous video game crash in the 80s and the console wars through the years and how that rivalry led to some intersting choices and mistakes made by some console manufacturers.  It’s definitely the perfect book for anyone who loves gaming including retro gaming, which includes me! 😀

Rafa Nadal: The King of the Court by Dominic Bliss (Ivy Press)

Rafa Nadal The King of the Court book cover

Rafa Nadal: The King of the Court by Dominic Bliss is an interesting book biography of the famous tennis player and king of the court, especially the clay court, Rafael Nadal.  Anyone who is a fan of tennis will know who Rafa Nadal is.  He’s been a part of tennis history, winning on the clay court in the French Open a record number of times and in this biography the author delves into detail about Rafa’s early life, what made him such a determined and strong player, the history of being trained by his uncle Tony, what happened when they separated as trainer and student, and more about why he’s such an amazing tennis player.  It charts his wins, especially detailing some key matches against some amazing opponents and more about Rafa’s life and the man behind the tennis star.  It’s a wonderful biography for anyone who hasn’t read much about Rafa yet, or who wants to know more and contains a wealth of lovely photos of the star too.  Perfect for any tennis and Nadal fans.

N-4 Down: The Hunt for Arctic Airship Italia by Mark Piesing (published by Mariner Books)

N-4 Down book cover

N-4 Down: The Hunt for Arctic Airship Italia by Mark Piesing is a fascinating sounding book all about the rescue of an airship called Italia in the 1920s.  The roaring twenties brought about a new form of travel, airships and many countries had this form of transport.  Not only was this a new way to travel for people, but travelling via airships meant that new places could be explored like the North Pole without having to go on the land which was a trecherous journey.  In 1926 Ronald Amundsen, the famed explorer who went to both the South and North Poles partnered with an Italian airship designer called General Umberto Nobile to build a new airship that could help to explore places like the North Pole but by 1928 their relationship deteriorated and they parted ways.  Instead Nobile, his dog, and a crew of fourteen Italians, one Swede, and one Czech, set off on their own in the airship Italia to discover new lands in the Arctic Circle and to become the first airship to land men on the pole. But near the North Pole they hit a terrible storm and crashed onto the ice. Six crew members were never seen again; the injured (including Nobile) took refuge on ice flows, unprepared for the wretched conditions and with little hope for survival.  Coincidentely at the same time as this was happening a conference of arctic explorers was assembled in Oslo to celebrate the first successful flight from Alaska to Norway.  When Amundsen heard of the accident with the Italia, he set off to help rescue Nobile and his men, however the rescue mission of the Italia was fraught with disaster at the time and and when finally the men were found and a plane could land to rescue them, there was only room for one passenger on board.  This is an interesting account of what happened in this true story of airship travel and what happened when airships faced the harsh realities of earth’s extremes.  I haven’t yet read the whole book but it sounds fascinating, there are some photographs of the people mentioned and it is already an interesting read.  A review will be coming on the blog but I do think this is a perfect read for anyone who is interested in true stories of what happened in our often less rememberred history.

Books for Teens/Young Adults

Scythe Collector’s edition by Neal Shusterman (published by Walker Books)

Scythe Collector's edition book cover

Scythe Collector’s edition by Neal Shusterman is a special collector’s edition of the amazing YA dystopian science fiction novel.  While the original Scythe and subsequent series of Scythe books, including Scythe, Thunderhead and The Toll are amazing, this collector’s edition is perfect for any fan or someone who is new to the series.  With a letter by the author about how the book was created, and special red sprayed edges, end papers and a beautiful hard cover which contains the ten scythe commandments on the spine, it’s a wonderful book to treasure for any fan of the series or anyone wanting to get into the series.  A review for this special collector’s edition is coming on the blog next week so do look out for it and in the meantime you can check out my review for Scythe (the non-collector’s edition) too.

The Balloon Thief by Aneesa Marufu (published by Chicken House)

The Balloon Thief book cover

The Balloon Thief by Aneesa Marufu sounds like an amazing read and is a book with a magical cover.  For Khadija, the only escape from her father’s arranged betrothal is the sky. When she spots a rogue hot air balloon fighting against its ropes, she leaps at the chance for adventure. Khadija soon finds an unlikely ally in a poor glassmaker’s apprentice, Jacob.  But Jacob is a hāri, and Khadija a Ghadaean. The hāri are oppressed and restless – their infamous terrorist group, the Hāreef, have a new fearsome leader. And the ruling Ghadaeans are brutal in their repression.  Soon, a deadly revolution threatens their friendship and their world. The Hāreef use forbidden magic, summoning jinn – wicked spirits made of fire – to enact their revenge, forcing Jacob and Khadija to choose what kind of a world they want to save.  The book sounds so interesting and I’m ashamed to say it’s one I haven’t read yet but it’s top of my list for reads next year in my catch up tbr, so do look out for a review next year, but doens’t the cover and blurb look and sound good? 🙂

Books for Children

Children’s reading

The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair by Natasha Hastings (published by HarperCollins ChIldren’s books)

The Miraculous Sweetmakers book cover

The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair by Natasha Hastings and Alex T Smith is the first in a promising new series for middle grade readers, set during the great frost of 1683.  A few years earlier Thomasina and her brother are rushing back home when her brother suffers an asthma attack and dies.  Thomasina blames herself for his death and every day since, the family have never been the same.  When the Thames freezes over during the very cold winter of 1683 traders begin to sell their wares on the frozen river, creating the Great Frost Fair.  But while Thomasina tries hard to make her family and dad proud of her by selling goods during the Great Frost Fair, in the night she is visited by someone strange, someone who promises he can bring her brother back.  All Thomasina has to do is visit the Other Frost Fair with him, a special frost fair that takes place during the night, and where magical creatures come alive!  This is such a magical and wonderful tale where the characters make great friends, deal with grief and loss and ultimately overcome the dark force that’s present in the Other Frost Fair.  The hardcover has some beautiful details on it including a snowflake under the dust jacket and it just feels like a perfect gift for Christmas!

Edie and the Box of Flits series by Kate Wilkinson (published by Piccadilly Press)

Edie and the Box of Flits series covers

Edie and the Box of Flits by Kate Wilkinson and it’s sequel Edie and the Flits in Paris is a wonderful series about a twelve year old girl who one day finds a box at the lost property office where her dad works.  Investigating the box reveals small little creatures living inside called flits.  A cross between fairies and borrowers (though you should never call them faries!) these tiny creatures need Edie’s help when some of them have disappeared.  In the first book Edie gets to know the flits and a lot of the story takes place on the London Underground.  In the second book of the series, the flits and Edie head to the Paris Metro where yet more flits are in tourble and need Edie’s help.  Both of these books will leave you adoring the magical world of the flits while also bringing a heart-warming tear to your eye!

Tammy and Willow by Gillian Young (published by Matador)

Tammy and Willow book cover

Tammy and Willow by Gillian Young is one of a set of books by Gillian Young I got recently and although I haven’t yet had the chance to properly read them, it does sound like a beautiful read, particularly this book as it deals with the loss of a beloved pet.  Hannah and her dog Tammy have a special bond, but when Tammy falls ill and dies, Hannah is devastated.  As life moves on Hannah wonders how she will cope back at school and loses interest in doing everything.  Meanwhile Tammy is struggling to understand what has happened.  After falling ill and entering a deep sleep Tammy now feels better than ever, but she can’t seem to communicate with her best friend anymore and Hannah doesn’t seem to be able to see her.  When a cute little puppy called Willow comes into Hannah and Tammy’s lives Hannah can’t help but fall in love with the cute little ball of fluff, and what’s even better is that young Willow sems to be able to see Tammy too.  This book is filled with such beautiful realistic ilustrations and I’m looking forward to getting a proper read of it soon in the new year so please do look out for a review coming on the blog.

Crazy Cream Adventures by Gillian Young (published by Matador)

 Cream Adventures book covers

Poppy on Safari by Gillian Young is the first of two adventures in the Crazy Cream Adventures series of books with Poppy Loves Devon being the second book in the series.  This wonderful and fun looking series of books feature a lot of lovely illustrations, especially of the dogs and promises to be a fun filled adventure featuring the fun antics of Poppy, a cream coloured golden retriever, who is a little bit greedy, spoilt but oh-so loveable.  In the first book Poppy’s family go on safari and she somehow ends up running around the safari park on her own, but she has to look out for Cain, the king of the safari and what will happen when she meets another lost dog?  in the second book in the series Poppy and her family head off to Devon where Poppy enjoys the beach, running around, ice cream and all sorts of adventures, but being the way she is Poppy is a bit clumsy and though she wants to be friends with everyone, they don’t necessarily want to be friends with her.  As I said both of these books look like fun reads.  I haven’t had the chance to read either fully yet, but they sound brilliant from the snippets I’ve read so far and the illustrations really add to the magic of these two tales!  Look out for reviews coming on the blog early in the new year. 🙂

A Mouse Called Mikka by Matt Haig & Chris Mould (published by Canongate Books)

A Mouse Called Miika book cover

A Mouse Called Miika by Matt Haig and Chris Mould came out last year but this year is the paperback release of this brilliant book.  Miika is a mouse living in Elfhelm with the Truth Pixie, but Miika is happy to have found a new friend he can hang around with called Bridget the Brave who is just like him, a mouse.  Bridget the Brave points out that Miika is nothing like her, he isn’t brave and so shouldn’t say they are the same.  So when Miika gets the chance to prove how brave he is, he does, but when trying to do something brave while flying on Blitzen’s back, Miika ends up falling to the ground.  Something happens to Miika, and soon he’s more than just an ordinary mouse.  This lovely book is part of the Boy Called Christmas series although it’s the first I’ve read in the series and it’s a wonderful book where Miika grows, learns to be true to himself and the vallue of real friendships.  A lovely book and you can see my review of this on the blog later this week!

Football school: The Premier Collection by Alex Bellos, Ben Lyttleton & Spike Gerrell (published by Walker Books)

Football School The Premier Collection book cover

Football School: The Premier Collection by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, and illustrated by Spike Gerrell, is a brilliant collection of six books from the Football School series of books which now has more than ten books in the entire series!  This collection includes Football School Season 1, Football School Season 2, Football School Season 3, Footbal School Season 4, Football School Epic Heroes and Football School Star Players.  All of the Football School books are brilliant for anyone interested in the game.  The first four books are formatted into chapters or lessons in a school timetable where you learn different lessons based on football, for example a lesson in biology is a chapter about what footballers eat and what happens if things go wrong for their digestion.  There are lots of cool and interesting facts in each book, with footballers, clubs and teams from around the world mentioned, and the books talk about both male and female players and teams making it an intereststing non-fiction read for any children who love the sport!

Children’s picture books

Cat Family Christmas by Lucy Brownridge & Eunyoung Seo (published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

Cat Family Christmas book cover

Cat Family Christmas by Lucy Brownridge & Eunyoung Seo is a beautiful advent calendar type of book with lots of flaps to lift and look at in the count down to Christmas.  Follow the story of the Cat Family as they get ready for the festive season, writing letters to Santa, putting up the tree, caroling, collecting last minute supplies and finally getting ready in the kitchen and ready for Christmas Day.  Each double page is filled with beautiful illustrations of the Cat Family and you can see various lovely details going on such as the fun things that the Cats are singing while caroling.  The book is filled with so many flaps to lift and see what is happening underneath that it’s sure to be a book many will enjoy and can spend a long time looking at as there are lots of fun hidden flaps on every page. 🙂

Through the North Pole Snow by Polly Faber & Richard Jones (published by Walker Books)

Through the North Pole Snow book cover

Through the North Pole Snow by Polly Faber & Richard Jones is a beautiful picture book all about a snow fox who is looking for something to eat while digging in the snow.  The snow fox ends up falling into the hole and through the roof of an old man’s home.  He catches the fox and helps feed her and then goes to sleep.  While the old man sleeps, the snow fox explores his home of empty shelves and boots by the door.  When the man eventually wakes up he begins making toys and over the weeks and months the snow fox spends with the old man, she discovers more and more about the real identity of the man she’s staying with, until they finally take a special journey on Christmas Eve together.  It’s a beautifully illustrated magical story and perfect for Christmas.  My review of this will be on the blog tomorrow and I thoroughly recommend it! 🙂

Gaspard’s Christmas by Zeb Soanes & James Mayhew (published by Graffeg)

Gaspard's Christmas book cover

Gaspard’s Christmas by Zeb Soanes & James Mayhew is a wonderful picture book with Gaspard, a London fox, searching for something to eat on the streets while they are coverd in thick snow.  Gaspard tries searching some bin bags which he knows can have some delicious food inside them, but as he tugs on a bag near the bus stop he discovers it’s covering a man who is asleep in the cold.  Gaspard gets help from his friends, they have to help the man before he gets very sick and something bad happens to him.  It’s a lovely story about kindness, and what happens when gaspard and his friends help the homeless man who they believe might be someone far more special than just anybody.  With every sale of the book money goes to St Martin’s in the Fields which is a lovely charity and there’s more on this in the book about the charity as well as a QR code to listen to this book as a musical piece with narration.  A lovely introduction to the Gaspard the Fox series and a lovely story.

Merry Little Christmas: A Finger Wiggle Book by Nick Sharratt & Sally Symes (published by Walker Books)

Merry Little Christmas A Finger Wiggle Book book cover

Merry Little Christmas: A Finger Wiggle Book by Nick Sharratt & Sally Symes is a fun board book for young children which is perfect for some Christmas fun!  Containing several fun Christmas charcters including a robin, elf, reindeer and fairy this book contains some fun rhymes along with these characters on every double page.  Each character has holes cut out in the page  where their legs should be and as a result you stick your two fingers through the holes and pretend they are the characters’ legs.  A finger wiggle book seems like such a simple thing but it’s great fun for the youngest members of the family and you can have a lot of fun wiggling your fingers in lots of different ways!

Five Minutes’ Peace Board Book and Toy Gift Set by Jill Murphy (published by Walker Books)

Five Minutes Peace Book and Toy Gift Set cover image

What’s better than getting a board book for Christmas?  It’s a board book with a gift and that’s exactly what you get with Five Minutes’ Peace Board Book and Toy Gift Set by Jill Murphy.  This fun set contains the original picture book Five Minutes’ Peace which follows Mrs Large as all she wants to do is have a few minutes to herself away from the kids, but as she decides to spend her alone time having a bath, she’s soon disturbed by her daughter, son and the little one as they all want to share their news with her and spend every moment of their time with her.  It’s a funny book which adults can relate to as well as a fun one for children to look at and this gift set comes with a very cute little toy of the Little One which is so lovely, soft and perfect for young children as it doesn’t have any hard parts.  As a side note this set isn’t currently listed on Amazon due to some issues with the listing getting messed up, but is available in Waterstones and other retailers.


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I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas Book Gift Guide and have found a book or few here that you might be interested in buying for someone or even for yourself. 🙂  Do let me know if there are any books you would recommend for Christmas. 🙂  And do look out for a post about my favourite books of 2022 coming at the end of the year! 😀

Have you read any of these books?  Are you interested in any of the books featured in this gift guide?  What books would you recommend for Christmas?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂