Title: A Christmas Wish: A collection of heart-warming short stories
Author: Suzanne Rogerson
Publisher: Independently published
Genre: Short stories, Contemporary
Book format: Digital
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Description:  A heart-warming collection of stories showing snippets of family life and friendship during the festive period.
Santa Paws Delivery
Blaze delivers Christmas cheer to a care home.
Christmas Wish – Part One
During the office Christmas party Cassie is forced to re-evaluate her life priorities.
For the Holidays
A stepdaughter’s not just for Christmas.
Chance Encounters
Two brothers must unite to do the right thing when faced with a life-threatening choice.
Christmas Wish – Part Two
As Lynn contemplates another lonely Christmas, can Harry provide a welcome distraction?
The Icing on the Cake
Preparing for a big family Christmas, will the day go as Jess plans?
Not Just For Christmas (extended version)
The Shelton family welcome a new addition to the family, but could it spell disaster for Christmas?
One Good Deed
Struggling with life after University, Sam is stuck in a rut until he meets a homeless man with an unexpected gift.
From the author of short story collections – Fantasy Short Stories and Love, Loss and Life In Between.

*Free copy provided by author for review…

Review:  Aw, what a wonderful and festive feel-good set of short stories, just perfect for Christmas!  A dog visits a care home at Christmas time to help hand out presents to the elderly residents; a woman’s one and true wish is finally realised before Christmas day; a new family is blessed with a new dog, but will he help bring them together or cause trouble?  There are eight festive short stories in this collection and each of them is a joy to read and a perfect story for the festive period.

The book begins with a brief introduction and dedication by the author to a very special ‘person’, which is so cute, and this is followed by eight short stories, one of them split into two parts, but each like a story in itself and I have loved each one of these tales.  The first story ‘Santa Paws Delivery’, is lovely with a dog visiting elderly residents at a home to hand out presents, before moving onto seven more short stories, each with a magical tale ending in a heart-warming and uplifting way.  I love how each story brings a smile to your face and each one leaves you feeling so good after reading it.

As i was reading through this book, each of the stories felt better than the last and I especially loved the last two stories, ‘Not Just for Christmas’, which is a wonderful extended version from the tale told in the author’s other short story collection ‘Love, Loss and Life in Between’ with this version being a much longer and even better tale as you find out what happens afterwards to the family involved and that special animal companion.  And the last tale ‘One Good Deed’ was a special one to end with too, and I love how this one especially helped encourage the Christmas spirit of thinking of others.

Although there are only eight short stories, I devoured each one and am looking forward to reading them again.  They all make for such wonderful reading at this time of year, and with all of them based around the time of or during Christmas and each tale being unique and different from the others and with some having a twist here and there, these are ultimately eight wonderful heart-warming tales with such perfect endings!  Although some of the stories are more predictable than others, I love how with most stories I didn’t know what would happen and I just enjoyed watching the events unfold for all of the characters involved.  There is nothing upsetting in any of the stories and in fact I think this would make a lovely collection to read for anyone looking for some quick festive reading and something to cheer them up.

This is a wonderful collection of Christmassy short stories, and I do hope that the author might write more festive (and also non-festive) heart-warming stories in the future too.  A lovely collection I thoroughly recommend getting! 🙂

What do you think of this book?  Do you like reading heart-warming stories at Christmas time?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂