Today I want to share with you some belated book post from the lovely people at Baskerville which is an imprint of publisher  John Murray.  A huge thank you to Jade for getting me this proof copy of this interesting sounding gothic historical fiction, it’s definitely one I’m looking forward to reading very soon, and one that’s fascinating due to the subject matter.  Let’s see the beautiful proof cover which resembles the actual final book cover, and see more about this title…

January book haul Baskerville close up of The Company
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The Company by J.M VareseLONDON, 1870.
Lucy Braithwhite lives a priviledged existence as heir to the fortune of Braithwhite & Company – the most successful puveyor of English luxury wallpapers the world over.  The company’s formulas have been respected for nearly a century, but have always remained cloaked in mystery.  No one has been able to explain the originality of design, or the brilliance of their colours, leaving many to wonder if the mysterious spell-like effect of their wallpapers is due simply to artistry, or something more sinister.
When Mr Luckhurst, the company’s manager, and the man who has acted as surrogate father to Lucy and her invalid brother John since they were children, suddenly dies, Lucy is shocked to discover that there is no succession plan in place.  Who will ensure that the company and her family continue to thrive?
The answer soon arrives in the form of the young and alluring Julian Rivers, who, unbeknownst to Lucy and John, has been essential to the company’s operations for some time.  At first, he seems like the answer to their prayers, but as Lucy begins piecing together Julian’s true intentions, and John begins seeing spectral visions in the house’s wallpaper, it becomes clear to Lucy that she must do everything within her power to oppose the diabolic forces that have risen up to destroy her family.

Here is a picture of the back of the proof copy…

January book haul Baskerville close up of The Company proof back cover
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I know my camera is terrible and just wouldn’t take an in focus shot of the text, so I’ve written it up so you can read this interesting extra text that’s on the back giving you more on what the book is about including I believe a mini extract:

‘My brother was so handsome, and his profile against the blue and green swirls on the walls augmented the stateliness of the drawing room’s contours.  Our beautiful drawing room.  Our beautiful paper.  As beautiful as anyone was willing to see.  The sun shone in through Father’s lofty windows, and all was bright, though all was not glowing.  I can see that now, when I think back on that room – that the glow was perpetually in a state of fading.  Something about that state was what forced me to stay on guard for while the sun shone in, and no matter how extraordinary the reflections, there was something else – a darkness – that we would never be able to keep out.’
Set against the backdrop of the real-life arsenic wallpaper controvery of the late 19th century The Company is a dark and haunting slice of gothic Victoriana, following one woman’s fight to preserve all that she holds dear.


The fact this book is set during the time of the arsenic wallpaper controversy (something I’m fascinated about) has made me so keen to read this and you can’t argue that that cover is gorgeous too!😍  I can’t wait to delve into this dark gothic thriller! 🙂  The Company is published on the 16th March, and I’ll have a review on this blog before that date or around publication, so I hope you look forward to seeing that. 🙂

Do you like the look and sound of this book?  Have you ever been interested in the arsenic wallpaper controversy?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂