Title: ABC Cats: An Alpha-Cat Book
Author: Lesléa Newman
Illustrator: Isabella Kung
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young children’s picture book
Book format: Board book
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Description: Meet cats from A to Z in this adorable introduction to the alphabet with a feline twist.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Aw, this is such an adorable and lovely alphabet book! ‘ABC Cats’ is a board book that’s around A5 in size and is filled with glossy pages of some really lovely illustrations and text. The book itself has rounded edges so it won’t hurt little hands and every single page is filled with adorable cat images alongside big letters for young children to learn!

ABC Cats book page image one
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Every page has a letter on it, from A to Z and along with the letter is accompanied by one cat and a small line of text about that cat. Apart from the letter X each letter is has a small phrase written underneath it beginning with the alphabet letter, with each double page of two letters having a fun rhyme. Each cat is described differently and indeed looks different too. I absolutely fell in love with the kitten on the letter B and then just love the elegant letter E cat and also really love the few cats at the end including the Unusual U cat. Each cat is doing something different, like eating, sleeping, playing, etc. And each pose and letter is so fun to look at, it really is the perfect ABC book for anyone who adores cats! 🙂

ABC Cats book page image two
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The illustrations all look really lovely and many of the cats look quite realistic. Some images are funnier than others and I just love how the cats stand out from the letters with the alphabet letters being clear to see and full of colour but quite different to the cats in front of them. This is probably my favourite ABC book I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely one I recommend. Not only does it have letters to learn but cute adorable cats to look at too! The fun rhyming phrases can be good for children to still look at and read when they get a little older, and the whole book is just perfect for cat lovers (like me) which is probably why I’m so enchanted by it! Lol 😀

What do you think of this book?  Do you cats or any books about cats?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂