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Hello and welcome to The Strawberry Post, a magazine style blog with a mixture of topics that hopes to Entertain, Educate and Inspire! 🙂

If you’ve found yourself looking at this page you are probably wondering what exactly is The Strawberry Post and what can you find here?  Well I’ll say that it’s a beautiful no-niche blog, which means that you can find a whole range of weird and wonderful stuff on here, including discussions and reviews from the very serious to the downright silly!

The Strawberry Post is so named because I like strawberries -like really like them 😋🍓, and the the word ‘post’ made it sound like a newspaper (at least I think it does) this blog is definitely newspapery in the way it looks, plus I used to create my own newspapers and magazines when I was a child (even colouring in all the pages and pictures so they’d all look cool and different) so I thought why not! 😀

I hope this blog inspires you to try something new, whether that’s trying out a new book, a new form of creativity or a new way of thinking and dealing with life (see my inspirational posts for that); educates you about things you maybe didn’t know like certain health subjects, current affairs issues or just fun bookish stuff, and ultimately I hope it entertains you too and you leave here feeling happier and with a smile on your face.  Have a wonderful day everyone! 😀 ❤

Want to know more about the subjects on this blog and how to navigate?:

Love Books? – Then you are in the right place! 😀  This blog is packed with recommendations and reviews of books for children of all ages, teens and adults.  Many different book genres are reviewed and all reviews are my honest opinions, giving information on the book’s content including information which some of you may not enjoy reading about such as offensive material (swearing, violence, sexual content, etc.) while revealing NO spoilers (well, it’s rare but occassionally I will have to reveal more but not before I’ve warned you beforehand that there’s a spoiler coming up, so if you don’t want to read it skip to the next paragraph) and letting you know why you might want to read or avoid that book.

Television, Gaming, Films? – Although books take up a large portion of this blog’s current culture section (and my life!), I do love to watcher certain shows on tv, some films and I have a crazy love for all sorts of games from PC and console to simple and more complex app games.  You can find reviews for games, films and tv shows in their relevant sections as well as discussions  or my own personal opinions on subject related to them.


Beauty, health & fitness – I love to discuss anything to do with health, mental health and fitness given my own personal, and very rocky, journey to becomeing a healthier person.  Because of this you’ll find a lot of articles, discussions and my own opinions on things to do with a variety of health issues including a lot to do with diabetes and mental health.  There are also some beauty reviews of products I like to use thatt make me feel extra special 🙂

Education? – Why would I discuss education on my blog?  Well there’s a combination of posts from my own personal stories and observations of the educational system back in the late 90s, how it affected me to this day, and how bizarre my own personal experience was, as well as posts discussing what is still wrong with the way children and teens are educated today and what we should be doing to help them learn.  I plan to expand on this area of the blog hopefully soon 🙂

Writing & Publishing

Love or hate poetry?  Some people love poetry, others hate it, but maybe if you dislike it, you just haven’t read the right poetry before?  On this blog you can experience simple rhyming poems that’ I’ve writtel, the kind that you may have enjoyed in books when you were younger, but with themes ranging from simple and fun (like celebrating friendship, animal companions or special events) to darker subjects which tackle difficult ideas (like mental health and abuse) in a creative way.  These darker poems might seem at odds with the lighter ones but they have become some of my most popular ones with people feeling able to discuss the topics in more detail.  There’s also a few inspirational poems to motivate you in life, featuring some motivational writing at the start too!  Please take a look and I hope you enjoy the poetry on this blog, and if you are someone who is not a fan, I hope this poetry will change you mind 🙂

Writing & publishing – A lot of people are writers including myself and I understand just how tough it can be to write anything including the big challenge of trying to write a book.  As someone who is also an avid reader though and read many books as well as worked with many authors and publishers over the years to promote their books (only if they are really good to read 😉 ) I know a thing or two about publishing and writing.  So in this section I try to share the things I’ve learned as well as discuss things that I want to learn more about.


What are awards & tags? – Every blog needs to have a section that’s dedicated to the wonderful fun we can have as bloggers so this is where the awards and tags section comes in.  Tags are fun posts that many bloggers take part in, often a themed post where you get to know more about the blogger (in this case me!) and can discuss what answers I’ve come up with to the fun questions including discussing your own.  Blog awards are even more special because they are things that other bloggers give you if they believe you deserve them.  This is where I want to share all my awards with you wonderful people and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the tags and awards to get to know me better…maybe we have mroe in common than you first realise 🙂


Like colouring? –  I absolutely adore colouring and have done since I was a child.  But I rediscovered colouring a little before the craze for colouring books took off and ever since I’ve found it a very theraputic way of keeping away any depressive moods which I used to have a lot.  The freedom of creating your own little piece of artwork which being mindful to the moment makes colouring such a special activity and I love to share with you all the colouring books that I’ve loved colouring in.  There are reviews of all sorts of colouring books (both for adults and children), including information on the quality of the paper, whether they are double-sided, etc. There are also pictures of my own colouring that I’ve shared, I hope you like what I’ve done and maybe you want to share your creations too? 🙂

Inspiration & motivation – We all need inspiration and motivation through difficult periods of our lives, especially if like me you’ve suffered from a lot of mental health problems, depression, etc. in the past.  I started sharing motivational posts, which are my own opinions and thoughts, when I began to get past my deep depression and have since begun to share the techniques I have used and the information which has helped me to become and stay a positive person.  I hope some of the posts I share, many which include poetry, will be something that will help you in your journey through life ❤ 🙂

Other News & Opinion

What are other news and opinions? – This is where you’ll find all the other posts that don’t relate to anything already written.  A lot of current affairs or random thoughts are discussed as well as just random posts on all sorts of subjects from nostalgia to interesting facts about certain festivals.  It’s a big mix of opinions, which just means it’s my own thoughts on lots  of things, so why not check it out and see what I’ve written 🙂

This blog is ‘family friendly’!

What does family friendly mean? It means this blog is designed for all ages to view it and I encourage everyone to check out every area of the blog.  While some subjects tackled here might be difficult for kids to read about: mental health or dark poetry for example, and some books are clearly aimed at older audiences, this blog has no content that would be considered offensive, no bad language* and there are warnings throughout if certain sections/posts could be upsetting for sensitive and younger readers.  By being family friendly I also hope that all adults, especially those who are reluctant readers, will consider checking out books and sections that are aimed at younger audiences.  There is no shame in reading books aimed at children (I do!), many of these are funny and sometimes feature jokes that only older readers would understand (like sarcasm!).  There is also no shame in enjoying children-typical activities like colouring (I do this a LOT!), it’s like re-living your youth!
*Plesase note: I am not responsible for the use of bad language or opinions of those who post comments on this blog.  However if anything is overly offensive (such as blatant racism, etc.) I have the ability to delete comments which I will do so – please contact me using the above contact page if you are upset or find any content particularly distressing to read.  Thank you.

Who am I?

Who writes posts here?  All posts are currently written by the creator of this blog, me!  My name’s Cat Strawberry (“Hi” *waves frantically!), a long-time blogger, and fun loving girl (technically an adult but I will always have the mind of someone much younger🤪!) with a deep love of books, videogames, animals, art, creating videos, laughing herself silly, being nice (always!) and of course strawberries! 🍓  If you’d like to get in touch please see the contact page for more details on how and if there are any circumstances you should follow (e.g. review request guidelines).  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

Should we connect elsewhere?

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