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PLEASE NOTE: For all review requests offering physical items please be aware that I live in the UK!  ALSO Please read the review submissions guidelines before contacting me.

Thank you for visiting.  If you’d like to get in touch to talk or want to contact me about something specific please read below 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch feel free to contact me using the form below (if I don’t respond to the form try emailing me again without it – wordpress may have issues), or email me at

If you have any questions about or would like to get more involved with #Febookary then please contact me on the above email using the world ‘febookary’ in the email title 🙂

NON-BOOK REVIEWS/SUBMISSIONS: I am open to receiving submissions for product reviews, some book reviews (see below), guest posts and blog tours, and other opportunities.  When it comes to products I’m happy to review a variety of different things especially toys and games and gift items, though do approach me if you’re not sure if your item is a good fit. 🙂  However please do take into considerarion the following when asking about book reviews:

BOOK REVIEW/SUBMISSONS:  I am happy to work with and be contacted by publishers and/or publicists about potential book reviews and other opportunities.  But I’m afraid I am accepting only a very LIMITED number of books from self-published authors and I can’t guarantee a specific date for your review to be published though expect currently to wait between a few weeks to a few months, though I may make occasional exeptions for books that have blog tours coming up in the near future.  I’ve currently had some health issues that has put me behind in my reviewing, I also have a LOT of books I have promised to review from publishers and blog tour companies already, and I have been flooded with requests from authors in the past who ignored my submission guidelines so please don’t request unless your book fits in with the genres I’m interested in (see below).

Indie authors looking for more reviews?  If you’re an indie author looking for more reviews why not check out Kindlepreneur for a list of reviewers BBNYA for other a chance to enter an indie award I take part in (submissions open around the month of March every year). 🙂

Please be aware that physical ARCs or books are more likely to be accepted than digital ones, unless I specifically ask for a digital copy.  When it comes to digital I accept epubs unless it’s a picture book then I prefer a PDF copy.  Please also note: sending a request does NOT mean I will agree to it.  I may not reply to you if you send a submission and if this happens feel free to contact me again, however please don’t bombard me with repeated emails as I will not review anything if you do this.  Also, sometimes some emails just disappear into the ether or I just don’t have enough time to answer (this would likely happen if I was flooded with requests that didn’t follow my submission guidelines) – sorry.

Book Genres I’m interested in: I’m interested in many and most fiction and non-fiction genres.  However I do not read erotica or steamy romances, anything to do with sex, very gory horror or copious amounts of strong language in books (though occasional swearing is ok), so please don’t ask me to review these kinds of books.  I am also not a fan of anything considered gritty.
Please note: I will also ignore any submissions that fail to fit into these guidelines and my preferred genres.
My favourite genres are: fantasy, sci-fi, historical, thriller, memoirs, history and anything animal related, but I also enjoy a good contemporary, romance and horror too.  I’m very keen on YA books and all kinds children’s books (regardless of genre) including picture books. 🙂

Just to be clear: I WILL ignore and reject any submissions that ignore these guidelines and may temporarily close my submissions should I get too many).  If you’ve made it this far and still want to submit a review request for something…

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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