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The Strawberry Post

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Guest Posts & Interviews

Please look for interviews and guest posts arranged via the author’s name in alphabetical order according to surname.


Deniz Bevan

Interview with Deniz Bevan Authof of Druid’s Moon

Kieron Black
The Philosophy of Gerald by Kieron Black

Juliane Burton
How to Make the Most of Each Day


Sophie Cameron
Interview with Sophie Cameron Author of Our Sister Again

Penny Chrimes
Interview with Penny Chrimes Author of The Dragon and Her Boy


Joseph A. Davis
Interview with Joseph A. Davis Author of Adventures in Thousandworld: The Darkenstar

Per Demervall
Interview with Patric Nystrõm & Per Demervall Creators of Siri the Viking


JS Emery
Interview with JS Emery Authors of A Clockwork River


Karen Ferguson

Interview with Karen Ferguson Author of My Life With a Sociopath

N S Ford
Interview with N S Ford Author of We Watch You


Frances Hardinge

Interview with Frances Hardinge Author of Unraveller

Natasha Hastings

Interview with Natasha Hastings Author of The Miraculous Sweetmakers The Frost Fair


Alex Knight
Tell Stories Through Your World-Building

Ashling Kwok
– How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for their First Day at School by Ashling Kwok


Aneesa Marufu
Interview with Aneesa Marufu Authof of The Balloon Thief

Tom McLaughlin
Interview with Tom McLaughlin Author of Queen of King Street


Patric Nystrõm
Interview with Patric Nystrõm & Per Demervall Creators of Siri the Viking


Tom Palmer
Interview with Tom Palmer Author of After the War: From Auscwitz to Ambleside

Gianna Pollero
Interview with Gianna Pollero Author of Monster Doughnuts


Ellias Quinn
Imaginary People Need Love Too


Hannah Rix
Interview with Hannah Rix Founder of Reading Mate

Suzanne Rogerson
Silent Sea Chronicles Box Set Release & Author Interview!


Ryan Stinson
Top Tips and Advice for Looking After You Mental Wellbeing


Michelle Vasiliu
-How to Talk to Children About Mental Illness with Author Michelle Vasiliu
-Interview with Michelle Vasiliu Author of together Things

Desiree Villena
How I Stay Motivated to Write Through Difficult Times by Desirre Vilena

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