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Other News & Opinion

Articles and Opinions from 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day…Or Not?  The Less-Than-Pleasant Victorian Vinegar Valentine’s Card


Articles and Opinions from 2021

Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Ox!


Articles and Opinions from 2020

Celebrating Christmas Eve – Polish Style!

Can We Trust Fact Checkers to Tell the Truth?

Are All the Extra Hygiene Methods Now sed to Keep Us Safe Creating a Future Nation of OCD Sufferers?

Are We Living in the Medieval Dark Ages?

VE Day Special: Victory is Here!

How Social Distancing is Leading to Anti-Social Behaviour?

Nearly 75 Years After the End of World War II – Are We Honouring Those Who Died?

Don’t Worry – How Fear and Panic can be Bad for Your Immune System

Despite All Your Worries…Don’t Forget Those in Need

Happy Chinese New Year! – Year of the Rat🐀


Articles and Opinions from 2019

An Important Christmas Question…

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…

Should Snacking Really Be Banned on Public Transport?

Today is National Poetry Day!

Why the Police Won’t Help You if You’ve Experienced a Minor Crime

Poor People Can’t Cook – True?  Or is Bake Off Judge just Ignorant?

Have the Climate Change Protestors in London Missed the Point?

Notre-Dame Cathedral: Historical Landmark in Ruins (& Poem)

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s Pancake Day – But What is Pancake Day and Why do We Celebrate it?

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